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Monday, March 26, 2007

The lady in Green

Saturday night at the LDStorymaker conference, I had forgotten to get the projector into the ballroom for Janette Rallison's closing presentation. So I ran into room 309 (i.e. Broiler) and on my way out a cute lady in a green shirt, black pants (capris I think) with blonde hair and a forgiving nature asked if I could sign a book she had purchased. Because of my inability to do two things at once I told her I'd do it in a few minutes and that I'd find her, then I flew out of that room like a bat out of a broiler so I could get everything set up on time.

WELL, it was about three hours later when back at my hotel that I remembered. So I scanned my brain (it didn't take very long) to try and remember if she'd found me, since I hadn't remembered on my own and therefore hadn't found her like I said I would. I'm pretty sure that I didn't ever get around to signing her book.

So, I need help. If anyone reading this blog knows who it is I'm talking about, could you have her contact me. so that I can attempt to right this wrong of mine.

Thanks much,

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