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Monday, November 05, 2007

107 things about me

Okay, so I've seen the "100 things about me" all over the place and thought it was a meme no one wanted to tag me for. Then Annette Lyon did her 100 things and I realized that it was something you did to memorialize your 100th blog. Unfortunately, I learned this as I was posting my 105th, and so here I am, 107 posts into my blogging career and, as is much of life, I'm trying to catch up. After writing this I was amazed it was possible to write 107 things about, basically, nothing at all. Go figure. And I'm probably doing this all wrong, but that's just like me as well. So, here goes:

1) I wear a size 7 ½ shoe
2) My arches are falling
3) Some shoes make my toes go numb
4) Especially cheap shoes
5) There are some really really really expensive shoes out there
6) And I own a few pair
7) And they do make a difference
8) I prefer Dansko clogs to about anything else
9) Even though they look funny with my skinny ankles
10) Other than my Danskos, I can’t wear most shoes for more than a couple hours
11) Ironically, one of my favorite shoes is a pair of “hooker” boots I got for $5 at Kmart 7 years ago--they are stretchy black heeled boots.
12) They’re even better than my Danskos and fit my feet perfectly
13) But the fake leather is starting to flake
14) So I color it with magic marker
15) Yep, just Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”
16) I’m not really a hooker
17) Although sometimes my husband will leave his tithing (church donation) on the bed so I’ll remember to pay it for him
18) And then it kind of seems like I’m getting paid
19) But I’m not
20) Otherwise I’d be a freaking MILLIONAIRE
21) It’s a good thing he’s not reading this or he’d fall out of his chair laughing
22) He loves to laugh at me
23) And I indulge him by giving him ample opportunity to do so
24) And if I don’t give him a reason, he laughs at something I once did
25) And they say women have great memories
26) I don’t have such a great memory
27) But I’m pretty good with names, unless I learn the wrong one, I can't seem to change my mind and reconnect a face with a new name
28) My husband is great with phone numbers
29) He’ll sometimes remember someone's phone number and not have a clue who they are
30) It’s really weird
31) He’s a math-wiz.
32) I’m a cheese-wiz
33) I love cheese
34) And beans
35) But I don’t like chili
36) I think it’s the actual chili powder I don’t like
37) I make a kickin' white chili though
38) It doesn’t have chili powder, just cumin
39) I like cumin
40) It’s a far more versatile spice than most people realize
41) I’m 33 years old
42) My birthday lands on memorial day sometimes
43) I don’t like having a birthday on a holiday
44) Everyone already has plans
45) My sister, however, really got reamed
46) Her birthday is on Christmas
47) If you HAVE to share your birthday with someone, He’s the not the guy to share with
48) More than once my family forgot all about her birthday
49) Then my other sister had a baby on Christmas a few years ago
50) And my cousin had a baby the Christmas after that
51) It’s a curse
52) I’d choose memorial day over Christmas
53) My sister that has a birthday on Christmas, her name, because of the holiday and all, is Crystal
54) Her middle name is, like mine, Snow
55) And she married a man with the last name White
56) Crystal Snow White
57) I tease her about it all the time
58) She’s my younger sister so I can get away with that
59) But at least she didn’t marry that guy she dated with the last name Ball
60) Then her name would be Crystal Snow Ball
61) I have 4 sisters
62) Two older and two younger
63) Then I have four brothers
64) One died
65) The other three didn’t
66) I like them a lot better now than I did when they were stealing my candy when I was younger
67) However, I became a pro at hiding it
68) Wanna know the best way to hid candy from anyone?
69) Hang a grocery sack on a hanger, then cover with a shirt, or better yet a jacket
70) The ugliest one you have will often work the best
71) Who thinks to look on a coat hanger for your stash of halloween candy?
72) Actually, little brother’s can
73) So I started hiding it in my dad’s brown and orange coat in the upstairs closet
74) Supreme irony that to truly hide my candy from the little monsters I’d put it outside of my room, in a common closet
75) After I moved out my mom found a stash
76) I was so ticked I hadn’t remembered to take it with me
77) I was a candy FREAK growing up
78) Which is why I’ve had at least 30 cavities and why I have 4 crowns and will likely have two more by the end of 2008.
79) I hate the dentist
80) But he loves me
81) As he should since I finance many a vacation
82) We just lost our dental insurance
83) Right before we went in for our cleanings and x-rays
84) We didn’t find out we didn’t have insurance until the insurance company denied the $800 of charges
85) This after paying $120 a month for 6 years.
86) Being self-employed sucks when it comes to insurance
87) And when it comes to getting a mortgage
88) And filing taxes
89) And paying bills
90) Other than that, it’s great
91) I’m on a pizza obsession right now
92) I’ve made 6 different homemade pizzas in the last 4 days
93) My kids are in heaven
94) And I’m eating too much
95) I’m on the quest for the best crust and pizza sauce
96) I’ve never made homemade pizza before
97) I’m a quick study in the kitchen however
98) I like to cook
99) But I only like to cook things that I like to eat
100) Drives my poor family crazy
101) So I tell them to do the cooking
102) And we eat hot dogs
103) They’re enjoying the pizza fetish though
104) I like pizza better than hot dogs
105) I like hot dogs better than chicken
106) I like fine chocolate better than just about anything
107) It’s time to go make a pizza for dinner


Karlene said...

LOL. You may not have done it "right" but you sure did it funny. Loved it.

I didn't know that's what the 100 things post was for either. I'm up to 185 and there's no way I'm doing a post of 185 things about me.

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Hysterical! Love the Pretty Woman/Tithing connection. I'm almost to 100. I guess I'd better start thinking...

DarkWing said...

that was great, but now I want PIZZA!

Unknown said... 100 errr 107 things read so far!

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

I love fine chocolate too! Great list!

Jenna said...

This was awesome, Josi! I like you even MORE now, if that was possible! I can't wait to do mine.

Unknown said...

Well, congrats on going over 100! You deserve the gift I have for you on my blog today :-)

How do you know how many blogs you've done, anyway. I'm sure this is a "duh" question, but I've never seen a counter for that.

Oh, and there's also a Christmas gift for everyone else who wanders over to my place. Enjoy!

Autumn Ables said...

Love it! Love you :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing great job

Luisa Perkins said...

OH, you make me laugh SO HARD. Well done!

Heather Moore said...

Very funny! When you get the perfect pizza recipe, you'd better share it!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

You are too funny. I am waiting for the perfect pizza recipe too.

Anna said...

Whether you did the list right or wrong, I like the way you wrote it. :)

Also, I have a pizza dough recipe if you would like to try it.

1 1/2 cup warm water
1 Tbsp Yeast
1 Tbsp Honey
Some shakes of salt
3-4 cups Flour

Put the honey, salt, and yeast in the water. Let it rise. Add the flour until it isn't sticky anymore. Let it rise for 5-10 mins. Roll out. Cook at 350 until the crust is golden brown.

I got my cooking skills from my mom, who got it from her mom, and pretty much everything is cooked at 350 until done. So that's all the help I can be.

I also have a canning pizza sauce recipe, if you're interested. But that's a lot longer to write out.

Jod{i} said...

This is great! Your sis' name cracks me up just think of ALL the I am sure you have lol.
And Happy 107th!

Julie Wright said...


Janette Rallison said...

You win for the funniest 100 (or 107) things about yourself. Dig out your sister's old wedding announcement and send it to Jay Leno.

Momo Fali said...

At first, I thought the whole thing was going to be about your feet! Great stuff!

piper said...

Well, I'll give you the bad news first. I was previously unaware of the 100th post ritual. I am at 176 posts. How will I ever make it in the blogospere if I don't know the rules? For crying out loud, there's no comeback to this! Shall I post 200 things about me...and store the sleep I lost while coming up with content for that in my undereye bags? Sheesh.

Great post babe! You are incredible :)


Lena said...

Wow- I'm glad I checked out your blog today because mine is on post 99! Now I know what to write for 100. Pizza...

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, fab list.
Must check where I am with posts. I might be near 100 or over. Bugger.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I am laughing sooooo hard!

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

Way funny, Josi, but I was starting to wonder if you had a shoe fettish. Oh, and I've always liked your black boots, too.
Good-luck on your pizza hunt. BTW, I have a dough recipe if you want to try it. It's what I always use.

Anonymous said...

hi josi,
you were so fun during this. i felt like i just went through a race with you silly girl. for my 10th post, i talked about 100 reasons why the Gospel means everything to me. i love your comments to me anytime you talk to me about testimony especially. you remind me that i can't take it for granted, too. if you are interested in reading it, i posted a shortcut to it on the right sidebar. bring a tissue. happy friday girl, you sure amused me here, hope your day is extra sweet, but not cavity-sweet, kathleen :)