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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Updates and Stuff

JULY 30: The opening night for English Trifle went great--I'm bummed I didn't take more pictures of the trifle--it was impressive. This photo was only because my sweet husband thought to take a picture. I don't know why I never do. I saw some great friends, and even had a lady drive up from Salt Lake. She brought some of her other books for me to sign and was just oh so sweet. Another friend brought me a mini 'birthday cake' to celebrate my book's birthday--cute huh? We ended up with half a dozen left over mini-trifles, which I took to some neighbors, and a full trifle that we took to my husband's home teaching family. Sweet! I'd have been in trouble if I had to eat them myself.

JULY 31: When I was 13 my parents bought a time share at Snowbird, about 20 minutes from where we lived. In the winter, Snowbird is skiing extraordinaire (or so they say). In summer, it's an amazing vacation spot. About ten years ago, Lee and I bought a time share too. Each year all of us siblings try our darndest to make it to Snowbird and it's awesome. We headed up here last Friday and it's been such a great time. I get to hang out with my family, some of which I don't get to see very often, enjoy the mountains, listen to the river and just have a good time with my own kids. Those of you that know me well, know that just having fun doesn't come easy to me. Life is mostly about getting stuff done and working--but Snowbird forces me to let go and I have such a fabulous time. For those of you in Utah, if you're ever looking for a 'day trip' in the summer, come to Snowbird and get their ride pass. You can take the tram up to Hidden peak, do the alpine slide, ziprider, bungy tramp, mechanical bull, climbing wall and Peruvian lift as much as you want from 11-7. Costco sells 4 adult passes for $79 (adult price is $32--I know, steep) or you can use a Diet Pepsi can and get $10 off. It's a FUN day, really, for all ages and it's just beautiful up here.

Lee-aka, Husband Extrodinaire, has also given me writing time since I'm on a deadline and stressing out about it. Because of that, I've written 8,000 words since we got up here, which is a huge relief. I've only got 30,000 to go by September 1st. Oy.

(Do you love this photo? Just call me forehead girl)

AUGUST 5: Today, I'm taking some time off the mountain to go to LDSBA, which is a closed expo show for all things LDS--books, art, music, etc. I get to sign copies of English Trifle, which is so beyond awesome I can't even tell you. First of all, the books I sign are free to those that attend the expo (mostly retail store owners) which means I get a line--authors love lines and they don't happen at a signing. Second, those retail owners know me and most of them have read my books so they say all kinds of sweet things. AND, I get to see some of my most favoritest people. Then I get to come back to snowbird and have a couple more days of good, simple fun.

So, there you have it. That's what's going on with me. I'll take photos at LDSBA and post them tomorrow--really, I will. have a great day.


Jenna said...

Forehead Girl? Please.

This sounds like so much fun. Hard work, some relaxation, and lots of rewards for your hard work.

You are adorable.

Annette Lyon said...

SO MUCH FUN. Congratulations on everything. You deserve every bit of it. Have fun at LDSBA. This is the first year since about, oh, forever, that I won't be there, so I'll miss ya. :(

Kristina P. said...

I've been wanting to stay at Snowbird one summer. Might have to check it out!

Glad the tour is going well!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Just finished reading English Trifle and LOVED it even more than Lemon Tart. In fact, I stayed up till 2am finishing it... Glad the debut went well!

Lara Neves said...

Congrats for everything!

So, I just stayed up until about 3 am (in the midst of moving and everything) finishing Lemon Tart. I loved it. Mystery is my favorite genre. Now I can hardly wait to get my hands on English Trifle!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

your book looks so awesome! You make it all look like so much fun.

Sandra said...

Fun times. I'll miss you at LDSBA because I am going tomorrow, but that is my favorite time of the year.

Anna said...

I already finished reading English Trifle. It was really good.

Also, when I got back home, me and the kids were eating the English Trifle we had gotten from the book signing. I made sure to leave a bite or two for my husband who came home about 6:30.

My father-in-law asked what I was eating and where I got it from. I told them it was from book signing at the bookstore. They both had that look "Bookstore? Food?" Then one asked how long the book signing was. I think they wanted to go get a free Trifle.

Anyway, yes, a VERY good book and VERY good Trifle. I definately need to make one. I also want to try the other recipes. If they are half as good as the trifle then they should be pretty yummy.

L.T. Elliot said...

Congrats, Josi! I'm glad you're getting some R&R and some PR! And I'm with Jenna. You're adorable!

Libby's Library said...

All I noticed was the lovely smiles!

Heather Justesen said...

Josi, it was good seeing you today. Wish you could have come to lunch with all of us--it was fun!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I LOVED coming and getting my book signed! You are such an inspiration to me. Really truly. I adore you and I am so glad that writing has brought us together. I just love the new friends I've made with this new chapter in my life. (no pun intended! lol)

You go girl!

Kristi said...

I can totally relate to the Gotta get things done first...BEFORE you play...and when does one ever get everything done. Gotta schedule in the play time...that is for sure.