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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Review Winners

Thank you SO much to everyone who mentioned Devil's Food Cake in their blogs. I had the chance to lurk through most of them and just so appreciate everyone helping me to spread the word. I did the list of entries through and sorted it twice, choosing the #1 position from each roll to choose the two free book winners.

Kristi from

*If you don't know Kristi, you should stop by her blog. She's a powerhouse and a woman worthy of the inspiration she shares. While I wish I could give a book to everyone, I'm really happy to give it to someone I admire so much.


Melbell from

*I wasn't familiar with her blog until now, but she seems like a ton of fun--if I ever get called to YW I'm going to have her give me a crash course in how to make it a good time. I don't remember ever seeing her on my blog before now, either, so it's fun to give a book to a new friend.

If you ladies could e-mail me at with your addresses, I'll get those books mailed out as soon as I can.

Thank you, again, to everyone for playing and for the great support Devil's Food Cake has already received.  It's #6 on Deseret Book's overall fiction list--which is awesome with it being so new. Remember, also, that your library might just buy the book for you :-)

Thanks again, you guys are awesome.


L.T. Elliot said...

Congrats to the winners!

I know what library Devil's Food Cake will soon be in....MINE! =]

Shelli said...

Although I was really hoping I would win I feel a little like I did because I read English Triffle this week (didn't even know it was out...sorry!) And LOVED it! You have such a great way with telling stories. I told my hubby the story the whole way along and it was so fun! I love that you give just enough clues to not shock us when we find out "who did it", but not give it away too early either. It was fun to say, "I knew it!"

Shelli said...
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Grandma 'D' said...

Crystal brought her copy over for me to read. She came and spent a few nights, so she could clean out the trailer. We have been entertained by our Kendra...what a delight she is. Anyway...can't wait to read Devil's food cake. Keep em' coming are one talented lady and all around person of awesomeness!!!

Melbell said...

I will be watching my mailbox every day! :) Always happy to pass on the good news of a great read :)