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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tag--I'm it?

I'm pretty slow on the uptake, but apparently I've been tagged. I read all these other people's but didn't realize I was It--shows how good I am at this stuff, doesn't it. To see the blog that started it all go to Jeff Savage is the offending party so if you live close, egg his house (but not with my chicken eggs cause the cold is keeping them from laying much) Anyway, I'm supposed to tell you guys 5 things you probably don't know about me. But I talk WAAAAAAAAY to much so I bet some of you know it all, but here goes :-)

1--I have a tatoo. My freinds and I brought in our Bruce Springsteen TAPE (it was that long ago) and when it was my turn I listned to Glory days. A week later we took some cookies to our tatoo artist. I don't think anyone had done that for him before. For anyone that hasn't had the joy of getting a tatoo, let me give you a heads up. Take a quilting needle, put it over a flame until it's red hot then jab it into your skin and scrape. And no it's not a skull on my back, it's a heart on my ankle. These days it looks like I let my 5 year old color on me.

2--I grew up in the ward Mark Hoffman lived in at the time of the bombings. I even babysat his kids once. A couple years into his prison term my brother came home with a crystal Mark's son gave him. We called it the Urim and Thummin :-) His wife and kids are wonderful.

3--On my wedding day during pictures across from the Salt Lake Temple L. Tom Perry and his wife walked by so we did the classy thing and asked them to be in a picture with us. That guy is TALL!! A year to the day later my husband and I went to the Joseph Smith Memorial building to celebrate our first anniversary and guess who we rode in the elevator with--yep, L. Tom and his wife. Totally weird huh!! And yes, we were classy again and made them shake our hands while we told them the story I don't think they remembered.

4--I can wiggle my ears.

5--I was married on April Fool's day--no joke. My sister was one of 300 weddings preformed in the Salt Lake Temple on her wedding day. I was one of 11--I guess Mormon's are pretty supersticious people. However, turns out that the thursday before General Conference all the GA's and their wives attend a special session of the temple and we were married on the thursday before conference, so we were in the temple the same day as all those amazing people!! it's got to be a sign or something, right...hey, maybe that's why I ran into L. Tom Perry that day. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anyway, that's me. Now--who do I tag? Oh, I know....

Author, PR woman, writer extrodinaire:
Betty Ann Bruin--

Author Trina Boice--

Author Katie Parker--

And I think everyone else's blog's that I know have been tagged--so move fast ladies, before all your freinds are used up!!


Marsha Ward said...

Interesting things we don't know about you, Josi.

Do Betty Ann, Trina, and Katie know they've been tagged? I only found out because I visited Tristi's site a couple days after she tagged me.

Josi said...

Yep--I e-mailed them :-) Thanks Marsha--loved yours as well, but I need to learn how to put live links into my posts.

Keith Fisher said...

You know of course that I will be watching you ankles now?
great General authority story.

here is a hint about the link. write the blog in word. add the link by using the links button then just copy and past to the blog window. the links should stay with the text. the link button in word 97 looks like a globe with a chain link in front of it. I highlight the text I want to link then go to the links. I have to type in the url manually. then close it out.
Clear as mud?

Sarah M said...

I didn't kow people could really wiggle their ears. R you sure you don't use your hands to wiggle them? :-)