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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

That KISS!!

This isn't a tag or a meme or anything like that, but I just finished watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy (again) and read Julie Wright's blog (which if you haven't read, you really really should) and I was thus inspired on a blog topic--kissing, or more specifically, kisses. Those great movie kisses that make your toes curl. I've thought of four that are my absolute favorites, and would love to hear from the rest of you which ones I missed.

4) Beauty and the Beast--Disney Cartoon. This is probably my favorite Disney cartoon, and a big reason for that is because of that ending kiss. You can picture the scene, right? The beast has just been levitated and rays of light has shot out of his fingers and toes (which I thought was a little odd looking) and he twists and the cape wraps him up in a cocoon and then he holds out his hands and realizes he human again. The first thing he does is turn to Belle, and she narrows her eyes suspiciously, then reaches toward him and says "It is you" and then they share a fabulous (even in cartoon) kiss. Breathtaking.

3) Princess Bride--The narrator even preps us by telling us there have been five kisses in the history of the world (or something like that) to outdo all kisses and this one tops them all. Buttercup and Wesley are on horseback after just having escaped Humperdinks castle and they move in slow as the sun comes up behind them, sealing the love they have both suffered without for so long. Very well done.

2) Spiderman 1--yep, it's the one where he's hanging upside down and MJ peels back his mask and they have a big ol sloppy passionate kiss in the rain. I saw Toby on a talk show and he said that was the most uncomfortable scene because he couldn't breathe with the mask pulled up and nearly choked on the water. But, hey, it looked AWESOME. I tried really hard to talk my husband into recreating it for me--no dice. Good thing I own the DVD.

1) Having just finished Return of the King, there is simply no better kiss than the one between elf-girl (Aerowen--can't say it or spell it but you know who I mean) and new king-man (Arogan or Strider or somthing like that. I'm really horrible with the names in that movie) and he's just been crowned and she emerges from behind a banner. he takes a step toward her, incredulous that after all that's happened, she's here. And just as you think they are going to draw it out and end in a sweet kiss of tenderness, he dives in and captures her mouth in a passionate, all-telling reminder of just how strong their love for one another is. Wow--it just doesn't get better than that.

Don't ya think? So which kisses am I missing?

***disclaimer: I may have gotten scene details wrong, but this is how I remember it. If I'm wrong then it only means this is how they SHOULD have been :-)


Jod{i} said...

viggo does it for me whatever movie he is in...Did you know he is a wonderful poet as well and photographer? As well as a pinter. He owns Perceval Publishing...

Jod{i} said...

that is

Heather Moore said...

Ummm, Josi your post is seriously lacking. You are overlooking some of the greatest "movie" kisses.

Just off the top of my head:
Catch & Release
How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days
The Holiday
Pride & Prejudice
Meet Joe Black
Notting Hill

I'll probably think of some more later...

Anonymous said...

Is it a stick? (the sundial in the shade?)

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Ok, it's Arwen and Aragorn. Just to be straight here. And theirs is an awesome kiss.

Actually, one of my favorite kisses is from the teen '80s movie, "Some Kind of Wonderful" when Mary Stuart Masterson "teaches" Eric Stolz how to kiss.

Gone with the Wind...(any of the Rhett and Scarlett kisses)
When Harry Met Sally and they finally kiss at the end...
A Room with a the field, and by the tennis courts.
Pretty Woman when she kisses him the first time...

Rachelle Christensen said...

I just finished reading Eclipse, so I can't think of any movies, but if they make a movie out of any of Meyer's books there's going to be some serious awards for kissing there!

Autumn Ables said...

Ummmmm- this post makes me want to go wake my hubby and start kissing him! :)

I love movies that have the perfect kiss to end it all. It just makes the movie a real movie doesn't it?

Luisa Perkins said...

Great entries and comments. The kiss at the end of Persuasion slays me every time.

Anonymous said...

josi -- i absolutely curled my toes just reading your post. this was so fun. i love that in a movie or play when the characters at just the right moment can deliver that toe curling moment.

when i first started reading your post, i immediately thought of princess bride.

i also really liked that one, catch and release, the lake house, pride and prejudice with keira knightly, and absolutely some kind of wonderful (wow!), and dirty dancing, and pretty woman, and runaway bride, overboard with kurt russell, and titanic, and absolutely the beauty and the beast cartoon movie. cartoons can curl your toes, too, if done like that! can't think of anymore right now, but i like how you think girl!

and your husband just so lost points with me for not playing along! ha.

hilarious post josi, thanks for the fun!

and practicing tying a cherry stem into a knot inside your mouth (no hands) is such good practice for being a good kisser! i learned how to do that trick a long time ago!

you are a hoot girl, kathleen :)

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Brilliant choices! All four of those are on my top ten list for certain.

Anonymous said...

good morning josi,
i did a kiss meme post today on my blog and shouted-out to you, too. i got such a kick out of your hilarious post here, i just had to post my own as well.

kathleen :)

Julie Wright said...

ah kissing. You all know I love kissing right? I love love love the kiss at the end of Emma when Knightly finally proposes, The way his finger traces over her neck and face is so mmmmm-mmmm. The others are Princess Bride
Meet Joe Black (Heather you are so right on that one)
Lord of the rings!!!!!
Just Like Heaven
and Hook (I know I know that one seems weird but really . . . the kiss where Tink gets tall so she can get her own wish, her own happy thought and finally kiss Peter Pan was poetry)
Princess Bride

Great post . . did I mention I love kissing???

ali cross said...

I'm with Ajoy ... time to go kiss my hubby!

Great post Josi~

Momo Fali said...

When Aragorn kissed me in MY DREAMS. That was the best kiss EVER.

Anonymous said...

oooo, and when the skaters kissed each other at the end of "the cutting edge" movie, i wanted to start skating, too! they nailed that scene. funny ... hmm, how we say "nailed" that. heheheeh

hope your day is the sweetest josi, kathleen :)

Brooke said...

Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore is one of the tops! Love that scene!

Stephanie said...

Hahaha that's an awesome idea for a blog! I definitely agree with the ones you put and i have a few of my own:
-Ever After(any of them in that movie!!)
-Never Been Kissed(at the very end of the movie, very good!)
-Pride and Prejudice(the one w/ keira knightly)
-First Daughter

Those are just the ones that first come to mind, I'm sure there are lots more!!