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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wacky, Wild Seven Meme

I was tagged last week by Wendy at and then by Stacy at and so I figured I better answer. However, I would like to point out that if these 7 do not whet your appetite you can read up on my other tags here and here and here and here and here and here.

I'm not sure I have room for 7 more things about me, I'm not really all that interesting, but I will try and keep all y'all awake. I'm sure I've mentioned some of these before, so sorry, but like I said I'm not that interesting.

1) I gave birth to my 2nd child in the bathtub. Babies won't breath until their faces hit air, so the midwife held her under the water while my husband and mother ran around crazy for a towel and a suction thing. It was so weird to see this baby just looking up at me from the bottom of the tub. It was not supposed to happen this way, but it was AWESOME. I was up and ready to go home a few hours later, the baby was great, I was great and highly recommend it if you're state allows planned underwater births.

2) My husband a few years back was looking to shoot a commercial for his business and he interviewed a small film company. They agreed to work on it together and then the guy said he'd call my husband when he was ready to start--he had this independent film he was working on and taking to some film festival over the next couple months. We never heard from him again but saw his name in the credits for Napoleon Dynamite a year or so later.

3) After reading Earning Eternity, people have asked me if I've really been bungee jumping. Yes, in fact I have. It was a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day.

4) At the age of 18 I drove to Phoenix with a friend to go to a Bruce Springsteen concert. My friend left $160 under her pillow at the motel in Flagstaff and we didn't realize it until we got to Phoenix. We were both ready to throw up and called the motel in a panic. The housekeeper hadn't shown up that day so the owner had cleaned the rooms herself and found the money. We picked it up on our way back through. Neither of us had a credit card or checkbook, I'm not sure how we'd have made it home if she hadn't been such an honest person since our parents hadn't wanted us to go in the first place.

5) At that same hotel, the morning we had checked out, I reached into my bag to pull out an elastic for my hair. I was rolling the elastic in my fingers when I looked down and found I was holding the biggest wolf spider I've ever seen by the leg. Honestly, I think my heart stopped beating and I was so freaked out I couldn't even scream. I still get sick just thinking about it.

6) When I was 11 I had a blood disease called Immunethrombocytopeniapurpura, it's a shortage of platelets and I had to go on Prednisone (sp) which made me gain 40 pounds. I only weigh about 5 pounds more now than I did back then. I only wish I could lose weight that fast, I think I was back to 80 pounds in six weeks once I stopped the meds.

7) When I was five I learned that when I grew up and got married, my name would change. I was ecstatic since Josephine was the most horrible name in the whole world. I wanted to change my name to Penny and decided right then to get married as soon as I could. I was rather devastated when I realized it didn't quite work that way.

So, who to tag.....

Crystal (my sister in law)
Alisha (my good friend that I miss since she moved away from me)
Karlene (cause I like learning stuff about her)
Stephanie Humphries (cause I asked her some questions I want answered!)
Don (cause his life is intriguing to me)
Jenna (same reason as Don)
Marcia Mickelson (cause I've enjoyed getting to know her and would like some more)


Autumn Ables said...

I always love reading about you and on your blog. Please don't ever- ever think or say you're not that interesting, Josephine! Because YOU ARE!

Great post! Thanks for sharing more about you. :)

Luisa Perkins said...

Oh, those are all excellent tidbits!

Now I'm itching all over after having read the words 'wolf spider.' Yerrch.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...


Neil had the blood condition as a baby. His parents got investigated by children's services because he was covered in bruises all the time. Nearly died from it, actually...very scary!

Crystal Liechty said...

lol! I came over to your blog to tag you and saw that you were already tagged.
Love your fun facts, though, Josephine. ;)

Annette Lyon said...

Holy cow--I never knew those things. The water birth, the spider, the blood disease? Wowzers on all counts.

Stacy G. Anderson said...

It was getting to know you!

I love the name Josi. My brother and I both wanted to name our first girls Josi but fought over it so much, we called a truce and agreed that neither would name a girl Josi.

But then between the two of us, we got six boys and my third brother got the girls! God does have a sense of humor.....

Julie Wright said...

okay the spider thing . . . ewwwww! I am freaking out just thinking about it!! And I love the name josephine and am not too fond of penny. Your parents chose wisely.

Rachelle Christensen said...

Cool facts and I love the part about your name, that is too funny!

Tamra Norton said...

Yuck for the spider incident. Yuck again--I HATE spiders.

For my baby #7 (a.k.a baby number last) I was SUPPOSED to have a water birth. I was at a birthing center with a midwife. They'd showed me all these water birth videos, etc. I was totally on board. And then when it came time to deliver she pulled the plug. I was too out of it at the moment to protest, but afterward I felt a little jipped. It was almost 6 years ago, but as I sit here thinking about it and starting to fume again, I'm thinking a strongly worded letter (even after all these years), is in order. Wanna help?

Cassey said...

Hey! Love your blog. Interesting stuff. I have had ITP for a year so, not fun. But, I've found the steroids help me get a little more housework done. So, there are perks.
I thought (I'm not sure how she came up with it) that you had to find some who already had your last name, that's how you knew that's who you were to marry.I was shocked to find out about the name changing and relieved... that opened up a lot of doors for me.

Unknown said...

hi awesome josi!

fun list! cool to read more about you. wild about the baby under water. that sounds amazing to experience.

wow, you bungee jumped! are you crazy?!?! haha. nothing could ever tempt me to do that :)

soooo adorable the you thought getting married would mean you would change your first name. kids think and say the darndest things!

fun list, thanks for sharing.

great day girlie, kathleen :) xo

Unknown said...

ooooo, i was totally running my fingers through my hair right when i read the hair and spider remark of yours!!! oooo, you did a great job of creeping me out!!! haha. glad you noticed before you stuck that elastic in your hair! eeewwww!!!! but think of all the times you might not have noticed and stuck it in your hair!!! haha. creeping you out? did you get goosebumps? eeewww! i hate it when one is hanging from the ceiling and you walk right into it. yuck, ick, yick!

on that happy note, i'm outa here :) kathleen

Jenna said...

I think I know your "credited" friend from Napolean Dynamite. Well, he's a friend of my husband's...that whole gang. Fun story. All of them are excellent, actually! You never run out of really cool things, do you.

Okay, so I'm late to respond. I've been so, so sick for the last 6 days or so, but I will get right on this. Thanks for the tag!

Jenna said...

Okay, Josi, my answers are up! Thanks for the tag!

Anna Maria Junus said...

You could have used Penny for your writing name.

But Josi is a cute name. Unless you don't like cute. Then it's an elegant name.

alisha said...

Ok, I finally got mine done. Took forever, I know. I changed it just a bit. Thanks for the tag. :)