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Friday, May 30, 2008

Day One + New Chickens!

So I started the Isagenix today. I got my product yesterday and was reading up on it and realized I hadn't quite understood how it worked. But I started the shake stuff today and will do the two day cleanse on Monday and Tuesday. Today wasn't that bad. What it consisted of was 'breakfast' of 1 oz of nasty muck, an 8 oz. Shake, and what they call an accelerator tablet. For lunch I had another 8 0z shake and another accelerator tablet. I thought I would be revished and starving, happily I wasn't. I wanted to eat, don't get me wrong, but I wasn't exactly hungry, just habitual. They have these snack things which are similar to those chewable Vitamin C's, but chocolate-chalk flavor. They are something you're supposed to eat if you get hungry. I held the first one in my hand, looked a it--then looked at my loaf of bread--then looked at it again--then thought of the 1/2 gallon of Starlight Mint ice cream--then ate it. A friend had told me to suck on them for a minute before you chew them up, and I think that helped but it still wasn't delicious. However, it did seem to curb my appetite which was totally weird.

For dinner I made cream of broccoli soup and homemade rolls--relishing every bite. I'm supposed to keep it to 600 calories--I ate until I was full. I drank a ton of water througout the day, they say to take your weight, divide it by two and drink that amount in ounces. I think I drank more than that because every time I thought of something yummy to eat I drank instead.

I got a ton done around the house, another part of distracting myself from the kitchen. I organized the storage room and guest bedroom downstairs and moved the 9 buckets of wheat that have been in the middle of the hallway for three weeks. It was really quite effective, and I have LOTS of those kinds of things to do so it's all good. As far as energy, I haven't felt 'buzzed' or super energized, but I didn't want a nap today and I haven't been irritable. I can easily chalk that all up to the fact that my mind is so focused on the program that I have no time to think about how the world is out to get me--go figure!

Anyway, I've also been looking on for some chickens, trying to find something close by and I totally lucked out. I went up to Wellsville and got 6 super cute bantams. Bantams are 1/2 size chickens with feathers on their feet and they waddle when they walk. They lay small eggs, three bantam eggs are equal to 2 standard size eggs and they are just so dang cute! I've raised them in the past but didn't have any so I'm thrilled to have them. And they are funky looking. I'm gunna take some photos tomorrow cause I know y'all are dying to see how freaking cute they are!


Kimberly said...

Good luck with the program! My father-in-law is an Isagenix user and he's seen some pretty incredible results. He gives us a jar of shake powder every once in awhile and we use it sporadically in our breakfast shakes. It's not bad, and I really do find I don't get hungry half as quickly as I would think I would.

I could never do a program like that long term, but I think it's an awesome tool to help get a person balanced and healthy again, fight the bad habits and make some good ones...that kind of thing. Good luck!

Sandra said...

One thing to think about, drinking that much water will keep you hydrated- where you should be anyway. Most people are chronically hydrated and that throws everything out of whack- kidneys, liver, brain, hormones- everything. So when you are properly hydrated you feel better, don't get as tired or as cranky or irritated and it is easier to stay focused. So even if you don't continue with the Isagenix, continue drinking that much water.

Carole Thayne said...

Okay, I read this one before your previous post and I was like, what the _____ why is Josi trying to lose weight. So now after reading the other post know and feel better about it.

Rebecca Talley said...

We've been planning to get chickens for so many years I can't even remember how many. My oldest son was "for sure" going to build a coop--well, he's about to come home from his mission and there still ain't no coop at my house. I'd love to have fresh eggs. Maybe one of these days we'll get that dang coop built!

And, I've heard/read the same thing about keeping yourself hydrated. Seems to be pretty critical in keeping the body happy. Of course, my body would be happier if it was 20 lbs. lighter--my pre-9th pregnancy, pre-40 year old weight. Ah well, there's just more of me to love:)

ali said...

Hi ya Josi!

So how's it going? You wrote this post a while back, so I'm wondering how the plan is working out for you.

Please drop on by and give us an update!

Rachelle said...

How fun! We always had chickens growing up and enjoyed gathering the eggs. For a while, we had so many eggs, my brother had a little side business selling them.