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Monday, September 15, 2008

Got Curves? Opinion Poll for Curves Gym

So I've been doing Jazzercise--well, I guess I WAS doing Jazzercise, but then Summer came (oh, four months ago) and whereas it had been convenient to go before, it no longer was. I really didn't have any right being in that class anyway, as it required a certain amount of coordination that I seriously lack. Still, I had enjoyed it and I'm not certain I won't go back one day, but for right now it just isn't working into my schedule so I quit. That's what I do, I quit.

But so I need to start something up again. I have a good freind that loved curves, she's a tiny little thing and found the workout to be great and wonderful and she loved it. She also helped me haul shelves into my car last summer and for being such a tiny thing, she's dang strong. Serious pointage for Curves.

I have another freind who didn't like curves. She's very athletic--biking, running, swimming--all kinds of serious sportage goin on with her. She tried Curves and found it monotonous and annoying and not all that effective for her.

I'm intrigued by the idea. I toured our local curves a couple weeks ago to see how it was set up and it's basically about 15 'stations' made up of tension based work out machines (no adjustable weights) set up in a circle. In between each station is a 2 foot square impact pad. There's music playing and ever 30 seconds it tells you to 'switch stations' so you might be at an arm machine then switch to run in place on the impact pad, then rotate again. You're supposed to do this rotation twice in a 30 minute period of time. Being as I'm driving kids hither and yon nearly every day of the week, I think I can easily do this at least three times a week, probably more often in the course of my usual errands without having to make a special trip. That sounds very very good to me. But not if it isn't a good work out. I'm in fairly good shape, I just want to tone up and get some strength training. I realize I could go to a regular gym, but I also like the idea of someone telling me what to do since yoga videos at home usually end with me sitting on the couch watching them, and when I've gone to the gym in the past I use one or two machines I can figure out, and ignore all others.

To sign up is $150 (ouch!) but you can get a half price discount if you sign up on your first visit. I didn't sign up during my first visit, but I don't think if I asked for it they would deny me--especiailly when I say there is no way in Heck I'm paying $150 to sign up. Then it's $34/month if you sign up for a year or $44/month if you pay month to month. Some of you won't beleive this about me, but I'm very cheap when it comes to certain things. That's a lot of money--one pair of shoes for a kid each month, which is about how many pairs of shoes I buy a year. So the big question is . . . is it worth a new pair of shoes for my children? (Not that I won't buy them shoes, but you get the idea)

I searched blogland for reviews but it's hard to do a google search for the word "curves"--I don't reccommend it. "curves gym" brought up some, but not a ton and the reviews were mixed. Now, I'm not looking to blame anyone if I choose to do it and end up hating it, but if you've had experience with Curves I'd appreciate it.


Heather B. Moore said...

I went to Curves for about 2 years, after I had my 3rd child. It was great for awhile, but the only time I could go was 6:30 a.m. So it wasn't always "convenient". But it got a little boring after awhile, but it did keep me in shape. When I became pregnant, I quit, and then never signed back up again.

RobisonWells said...

I have to say that I'm a big fan of curves. Lowercase c.

And if you'd like to see some fantastic curves of the French variety, click here. Yowza!

Sandra said...

I belong to the Curves here in PG. I really like the workout. I like it because I can do it with the health issues that I have, low impact and I really do feel better when I go. I say when, because the one really big issue for me is this- their hours are not good for my schedule. I don't know about the Curves where you are, but the one here is only open from 5-10 A.M. and then 4-8 p.m.

There is no way I can do a session at 5 am. I get up at 5 and barely get everything done on time for me to leave for work, I could not add a workout to that. And by the time I get home from work, run the errands, deal with the kiddos, I just don't have the time or energy to make it. So, I go when I can. If they were open at 2 pm, I wouldn't have a problem squeezing it into my schedule.

Now, my daughter did not like the workout at all. She prefers the weights and such at the gym.

Hope that helps a bit.

Josi said...

What does it say about me that I blindly followed Rob's link? I have no idea what the picture was of, but I'm sure the mere following of it is a reflection of a weakness in character.

Sandra said...

Ha! Josi, they are tools used to draw curves.

Heather B. Moore said...

Rob is SO immature.

Barbara said...

I have been going to Curves for about 3 years now and I go at 5 or so in the AM because the PM of the days of my life are hectic with stuff. I enjoy it alot. I can go do the workout go home get ready for my day and face life. If you google Curves for women it might work better. I haven't lost weight but I have maintained and when I was walking the parade route I ran 2 blocks to catch up with the truck. without sucking wind. That for me is a major plus now maybe I can run the 10K next year.

Kimberly said...

One thing to know about Curves is that you need to be average height or you're taking a real risk. Because the circuit is time, machines aren't adjusted inbetween different patrons. Meaning if you're below or above average height, you're risking injuring yourself.

My aunt wrenched her back pretty bad using their equipment because she's taller than average. A friend of mine who is average height loved it and never had a problem.

I suggest the Wii fit myself. I'm a quitter by nature but I've been using it for a month straight now and for me that's huge.

ali said...

Ahh Josi, I'm so right there with you!

I am currently looking for something to do, too. I have no idea. Curves hasn't ever really appealed to me because, well, I think I'd be weirded out working out in a circle with a bunch of other women. Unless they were all friends - then I might just laugh my head off watching everyone 'doing their thang!'

I'll have to keep posted and see what you decide to do ... I'll let you go first!

Karen said...

Hi Josi,
I found your blog on the sidebar of a friend's blog. I did Curves for a while and it bored me to death. They played the same music everyday and the woman's voice, "Change stations now" was enough to SEND ME. I opted for a kickboxing class, which I took for 2 years. It was a blast: challenging, fun, and a heck of a workout.

melissa c said...

I followed it too. Couldn't resist. Guess we both have only 8 lives left!

I have never been to curves. I was told once that it wasn't enough of a workout and got boring so I never tried it for myself.

I did belong to another gym when I lived in Bountiful and I loved it. Went there for 3 years.

I have a feeling you are going to do it so give it a try. You may really like it.

melissa c said...

P.S. I finished my book! Now I am going through it to fix everything I don't like! lol

I also got accepted to a writing course! I am really excited. I had to take a writing test to see if they'll accept you and I passed. Maybe everyone passes, But I am sure excited!

Shirley Bahlmann said...

My sister owns a Curves. It's not in my neighborhood, so I've only tried it when I visited her, and I thought it felt soooo good. Can't speak for the long term, though.
And I followed Rob's link, too. That's why he put it in come-hither blue. Hardy-har. I actually laughed out loud.

Rebecca Talley said...

I live a thousand miles (or so it seems) from town and just can't do the gym thing. I work out to DVDs--The Firm and Tae Bo. Works for me.

BTW, your blog looks great!

G. Parker said...

I initially wanted to join a curves about 8 years ago. Unfortunately, they don't do baby sitting and I needed that in order to go. I ended up going to Gold's Gym for a couple of years, but I hated it.
I have since joined curves -- I'm coming up on my 200th visit (yeah!). Personally, I love the atmosphere. I don't have to worry about barbie doll women in workout clothes making me feel fat. I know I'm fat, okay?
They recently added these Smart machines that are like a personal trainer. They make sure you are working out to your abilities. I can't say enough good about it...Usually there is somekind of sign up special going on, like in October or November it's usually bringing in a bag of canned food or something. Wait and watch for it. I didn't have to pay the registration fee, so I was happy.