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Friday, October 10, 2008

Looking for Music for the Ward DVD

In the name of masochistic insanity, about five years ago I volunteered to put together a video montage (still pictures set to music) for my ward. I was activity leader back then and had heard the idea from a friend who at that time had 15 years of videos for her ward. I thought it was a great idea and my bishop agreed with me. The only problem was that I had no clue how to do it, no software, and no real direction. The first year was a big learning experience and the final result ended up being due a friend of a friend who bailed us out at the last minute. The next summer I took a class so that I could do it myself. Each year since has shown a little more improvement over the last one to the point where I now feel proud of what I've learned to do. I enjoy doing it and I have 5 years of our ward history that shows my own kids and many friends. However, I have a problem every single year that is only getting worse.


I know many people love music, always have it playing, and often use it to set a mood or fill the background or whatever. I'm not one of those people. My favorite groups are Queen and the Scorpions. My husband's and my song is "Turbo Lover" by Judas Preist--not quite the type to use on a church DVD. At home, the TV fills the background for me and I choose talk radio over music stations most of the time (especially if Dr. Laura or Dave Ramsey are on). So, each year I try to keep my ears open for good music. Things I've used in the past are:

Somewhere over the Rainbow (Iz)
100 years to live (Five for Fighting--I absolutely LOVED this one, it was a great fit)
I'm from the Country (Tracy Byrd)
Better Together (Jack Johnson)
Small Town (John Melloncamp)
Simple things (Jim Brickman)
My heart to yours (John Denver)
Warriors of Light (Afterglow--can't find the lyrics)
Where I come from (Alan Jackson)
Proud of The House we built (Brooks and Dunn (I think))
Shine (newsboys)
Be Thou Near to Me (Jim Brickman)

There are others but I can't think of them. I try to get ones that fit the part of the montage--so upbeat country music for the July 4th and ward parties, cute family things for the family photos, upbeat stuff for the kids, etc. But every single year it's a job to try and find things that work. Because I'm not a music person, I don't even know where to look and most of what I come up with is chance or friend recommendations. This year has been a particular challenge because anything I already owned and knew has been used--in other words, I have depleted my personal music supply which makes me that much more dependent on other people. So, I'm asking you guys to help me out. I will buy the CD's I need, so I'm not asking anyone to burn me something, but I'm just drawing a blank on several portions of the DVD. The ideas I've come up with so far:

*Jesus (Jim Brickman piano only) for "In memory of" section
*Dream Big (Ryan Shupe) for youth or primary
Two of the following for family:
*It's good to be Us--Bucky Covington (I haven't actually heard this one although I've read the lyrics)
*You're gunna miss this--Trace Atkins (not sure I like this one, seems a bit preachy/sappy)
*Roll with me--Montgomery Gentry (this one talks about an early death and I'm not sure that's what I want to do)
*If I only had Today--Hilary Weeks (I love this song, but I worry it's a little bit sad, but I'm not sure--it's probably the one I want the most. It's brand new and I couldn't find the lyrics although I already bought the CD)
**One thing about the family music is I try not to use anything too romantic, since it's families more than it is couples. I'm okay with a little bit, but want it more general 'togetherness' than romantic love.

I need something upbeat for the youth and considered doing Crazy but it might be a little too psychadelic. I also need something churchy, but not preachy, for sunday school/primary classes. And I still need a good ward activity one similar to Small Town and I'm from the Country. They have to clean, no talk about what happens in the dark, no words like 'lover' or any swear words either. They need to have a good message but not pointedly religious. Probably the biggest goal of this project is that it's fun--I don't want it to be boring and 'churchy' I want it to be something the youth and kids can enjoy, without crossing the line.

So, anyhow, I very much appreciate any help you guys can give me. Whether it's agreeing that some of my suggestiosn are good ones, or giving me more ideas--I'm all over. I'll start putting this together in a couple weeks and can use all the help I can get.


Unknown said...

Josie--I just picked out some lovely music (imo) for my blog Playlist. Hop on over there and see if anything works for you.

Unknown said...

It's in the sidebar.

Scroll down a little way, and it's under the English Grammar box.

Unknown said...
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Melanie Jacobson said...

I had a playlist I had to put together for a school thing. I'll go through it and see what I can find!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I'm no good at picking music, myself, but I'd suggest the soundtracks to some of the recent LDS movies maybe? Like from The Best Two Years, Baptists at our BBQ, etc...I seem to remember some good ones in there...

Sandra said...

Yes, Proud of the House We Built is Brooks and Dunn.

How about The Dumb Song by John Schmidt? Oh, and his song Waterfall is great.

I also have a playlist at the bottom of my blog. See if there are any there that you could use.
(I am one of those people that always, always have music on in the background. In fact, I am listening to my iPod right now. What's playing? The Lion Sleeps Tonight)

Sandra said...

Josi, I just thought of another great song- Never Alone by Jim Brickman with Sara Evans

Unknown said...

My post was too URL heavy, and making a mess of your beautifully laid out site. I'm going to post the list of songs to my blog on Monday.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest David Lanz or Amethystium. Both are instrumental, and they could cover any mood you were trying to portray. Good stuff!

Autumn said...

"Two of a Kind working on a Full House" by Garth Brooks

HAHAHAHAHHEHEHEHEHE- perfect mormon family song if you ask me. HAHAHAHAHEHEHEHE- Obviously I think this is hilarious. I crack myself up. hahahahahehehehehe

Crystal said...

okay I am LOVIN' Natasha Beddingfield either "pocket full of sunshine" or "unwritten"--love them, "unwritten" would be great for the youth song maybe

Also a classic Tim McGraw "Live like you were dying"?? It sorta tells a story in it,so it may not work but the message is a good one.

Also Jordan Sparks "one step at a time"--you would be so HIP if you used this--no pressure :)

Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen said...

If your looking for music for the youth, why don't you ask your daughter or one of the other youth in your ward. I'm always amazed at the music my kids listen to. Not because it's bad, but because I've never heard it. I bet they'd have ideas.

Anonymous said...


I really like Josh Groban's "you raise me up." You might try some of his other songs too.