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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Book Tour Itinerary!

I am so dang excited for this book tour with Julie--I've never done anything like this and it makes me feel all kinds of adventurous. We are still looking to schedule several evening presentations, so if you live in these areas and have a group you'd like us to meet with, please let us know. We've both presented to all types of groups--youth groups, Releif Society, Bookgroups, writing groups, youth at risk groups. We speak on a variety of subjects from religious to secular--your topic or ours.

Oh, and I'm on Twitter now because I looked at my daily schedule and said "Hey, I've got like 39 seconds between getting home from work and the kids coming home from school, what should I put there?"  I haven't yet figured out how to go about finding people, so if you know how then maybe you can find me first :-)

Without further ado, here's the schedule.

Monday, November 9th

Start: Willard Utah.

*Idaho Falls, ID:  Deseret Book 11:30-12:30
(208) 525-2500

*Boise, ID: Seagull 5:30-7:00

Tuesday, November 10th

*Kennewick, WA: Far West Books & Gifts, 11:00-12:00
(509) 735-1402

*Lake Oswego, OR: Deseret Book 5:00-6:30

*Evening Presentation in Lake Oswego?

Wednesday, November 11th

*Cottonwood CA: Classic Books 4:00-5:30
   (530) 347-2200
*Evening Presentation in Cottonwood?

Thursday, November 12th

Sacramento Lunch: 12:00-2:00 (details to follow)

*Sacramento, CA: Deseret Book 4:30-6:00
(916) 967-5725
*Evening Presentation in Sacramento?

Friday, November 13th

*Oakland, CA: Seagull 11:00-12:00

*Bakersfield, CA: Beehive Books Bakersfield 4:00-5:30
(661) 322-7276

Saturday, November 14th

Ensign books Los Angeles Area: Details to follow

Sunday, November 15th

*Evening Fireside Orange county?

Monday, November 16th

*Orange, CA: Deseret Book (new location: details to follow) 12:00-2:00

*Late Lunch 2:30 (details to follow)

Tuesday, November 17th

*Glendale, AZ: Deseret Book12:30-2:00

*Late Lunch 2:30 (details to follow)

*Mesa, AZ: Seagull 4:30-6:00

*Evening Presentation in Mesa area?

Wednesday, November 18th

*Tucson AZ: Latter Day Cottage12:30-1:30

*Thatcher AZ: Bookworms book signing 4:30-6:00

*Evening Presentation in Thatcher?

Thursday November 19th

Start: Thatcher, Arizona

*Chandler, AZ: Deseret Book 12:00-1:00  (480) 899-5469

*Evening Presentation in Las Vegas area?

Friday, November 20th

*Las Vegas, NV: Deseret Book (location not yet confirmed) 11:00-12:30

*St. George, UT: Deseret Book 4:30-6:00
 (435) 628-4495

Saturday, November 21st

*Cedar City, UT: Deseret Book 12:00-1:30
(435) 865-1253


The Damsel In DisDress said...

I'm so excited for you two, and trying not to be too jealous. I grew up in the Tri-Cities, by the way...(of which Kennewick is one) so it was fun to read you will be there. There are wonderful members in that area.

Primarymary said...

I am excited that you are coming to AZ. I will see you in Mesa.

Grandma 'D' said...

Yea excited to see you in Cedar City in November! What a busy girl!!!

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

I would so hook you up if you were coming out to Arkansas!!! I'd also add you as a friend on Twitter if I knew how. I just wait for people to find me.

Melanie J said...

I'm so excited! Hit me with the details for my neck of the woods, okay? This looks like so much fun!

Jaime Theler said...

So cool! I wish you guys oodles of fun and great success. :)

Heather B. Moore said...

Cute picture :) Sounds like a blast!

Taffy said...

Wow! You ladies are everywhere. Be fun and have good :)

L.T. Elliot said...

WHOA. Sometimes you're in three states in the same day! (Or close to it!)
Have a great time, Josi! I know you two will have oodles of fun and hopefully bunches of success. (Like you wouldn't. You're both brilliant.)

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Sounds like lots of fun. I'm just waiting for you to come to Canada :)

Luisa Perkins said...

You guys are gonna have so much fun!

When's the East Coast tour? 'Cause you know you can stay with me, right?

Marcia Mickelson said...

Wow, what a tour. That is so exciting. Good luck with it. Let me know if you ever hit Texas.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

How fun! You two are going to have an awesome time. Driving, I assume?