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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I Feel Good!

Do you ever have days when you just feel good? I have plenty of them when I just feel lousy, but today is not one of them. I feel so good, in fact, that I'm conspiring with my siblings to make someone miserable. That someone would be my dad. It's his birthday tomorrow and since the last few gifts we have given him have fizzled, I decided to do one that while it won't make him happy, it will fit the remembered-by-my-children bill AND his students will get a kick out of it.

What d'ya think?

Maybe you have to know my dad to know how hilarious I am to give him something that is a) Completely impracticle b) silly and c) slightly feminine.

It's just his bum luck to have a birthday at a time when I feel good.

Last week, I'd have bought him socks. The week before that I'd have sent him five bucks and told him to buy something nice for himself (okay, who am I kidding. I usually forget his birthday entirely). That's how those weeks were going for me, but today. WELL, he gets the full benfit of my feeling good.

So, why does Josi feel good?

Let me count the ways:

1) We are finally getting paid from some of our Vendors who have had outstanding invoices for months and months! This means I can pay bills. It's glorious.
2) I'm not DONE with Devil's Food Cake as in finished, but I am DONE with Devil's Food Cake as in I know how it's gunna end so long as I can write down my thoughts without them feeling rediculous.
3) I wore pants today that 6 months ago gave me a stomachache. Now they fit :-)
4) I have strawberries in my fridge at home.
5) We hired a new bookeeper/receptionist for our Vegas location and she's wonderful. All the books are updated. I could just hug her.
6) I've been in Vegas for the last two weeks (two or three days at a time) and I'M NOT THERE RIGHT NOW!
7) While I'm here in Ogden, they are moving to a new office in Vegas and I'M NOT THERE RIGHT NOW!
8) It's sunny, which means I can do the thing I planned to do for scouts today and don't have to make some stupid crap up to do at the last minute.
9) The Qwest guy fixed my internet.
10) I'm doing laundry. I recently went back to having one day for laundry, which is how I did it for years before trying to do a load a day instead. I like one day better--it means that on the day after I finish, 98% of my families clothes are clean!

So, anyway, enjoy my good mood while it lasts. Anyone else feeling good? If so, what's going well?


Charlie Moore said...

Hi Josi,

Twenty-six years ago this month I married my sweetheart in the Idaho Falls Temple. I have felt pretty good ever since. Sounds sort of corny, but I really mean it.

And I just finished a ms I hope someone will show an interest in.

Sure glad you're feeling good. Find ways to make it last. And good luck with your book tour.


Lara Neves said...

Hooray for feeling good! I was feeling good last week, but it's pretty rainy right now and I haven't been going to bed on time, so not feeling so great.

But you are inspiring!

And I love the balloons you are giving your dad. They rock!

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm so glad you're feelin' good, Josi! And I love the gift you're giving your dad--full of sunshine and happiness. No matter what it looks like, how can someone NOT smile in the face of that? It's like a visual image of you being happy. =]

Karen E. Hoover said...

Love your gift for your dad and so glad you're feeling good!

I'm happy today because I'm writing again and churned out 1300 words in ab out an hour and intend to get at least that many more done. :)

SoireeLizz said...

BRILLIANT!!!!! HA, ha, ha, ha!!!!

I can see his smirk right now, LOL!!!

You are a GOOD Woman....

Ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS is what is good.

Kara said...

Josi, This is great! Maybe I'll use your idea for my Dad's birthday present. It's on Dec 22 and after figuring out what to get him for Christmas, honestly, he's lucky to get anything other than a phone call on his birthday. Hope the gift goes over well! Definitely should go down in the "once upon a time my kids..." list. Thanks for sharing your great day with us!

Crystal said...

As a matter of fact, I'm feeling good. Wanna know why? Because I just remembered my father-in-laws birthday....thank goodness for my addiction to blogging & you of course!

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Josi! What a great post,and I'm glad things are going well for you. Does this mean your Ogden office will be no more? Are you done with the bookkeeping?

I'm feeling physically crappy (flu, I think), but mentally good because last night I made a list of my priorities and decided to refocus my energies on what's most important.

Oh, and love the gift for your dad! That's so funny. I'm thinking that's what my dad needs for his birthday...

Linda Garner said...

What a great idea. Hope your dad has a great birthday. It was fun to hang out with you at Ladies Night. I posted our pic on Take a look. Linda Garner

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I just want to applaud after reading that! Yay for feeling good!

Leslee said...

I have to say that the balloons made me giggle. Because I'm imaging your dad like mine--a man's man. I gave my dad a singing telegram once at his office. It was a man dressed in a pink tutu. I thought it was funny--not so sure dad did.:)

By the way, today is a great day just sent off my ms to a publisher that is interested. Loving the feeling.

Sandra said...

I used to do balloon sculptures and I love this one! I never did monkeys, maybe I will learn.

I have something for you over at my blog.

Karlene said...

I am currently not feeling so good, but I expect to feel good again soon.

Love the balloons.

I also prefer the one day a week to do laundry schedule. I've tried it the other way and I feel like I'm always doing laundry.