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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coraline via The Kilpacks

Dear Movie Maker (##research this),

Last Friday my husband took our two children, ages 10 & 7, to the movie Coraline. Yes, we knew it was not a Disney movie. We also knew it was directed by Henry Selick, the same guy that did The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach (##didn't he also do Corpse Bride?) (both movies that we quite enjoy). We expected dark, we expected edgy. What I didn't expect was for my kids to come home and report on the "Dancing naked fat women". After a few more questions, and a discussion with my husband, I understood that there is a rather long scene (about 2 mintues) comprised of fat circus women dancing and bouncing around. They are wearing bikinis, mostly covered by thier folds of fat, except for the one that likely coudn't find a top in her size and therefore had pasties on instead. At several points in the dance, the pasty woman has to hold up her enormous breasts, likely to keep from hitting herself in the face as she preforms. Occupational hazard, I suppose, and one more reason she ought to have worn proper CLOTHING. My husband, along with most of the theatre watched this in complete silence, punctuated with disgusted groans and looks toward the door wondering if they should leave. For what it's worth, the fourteen year old boys in front of them thought it was hilarious. My daughter covered her eyes.

The movie is PG, but it is also a cartoon and slated as a children's movie. It pushed the envelope plenty with a surly main character and detached parents, adequently making the point that families are horrible and parents don't love their children. Got it, and thanks so much for spending millions to share such lovely sentiments with my children. But I draw the line at bouncing fat women. We watch Biggest Loser, and we've been the the beach, we know what reality is, but it didn't work for the movie and it was not necessary. As a writer I understand the difference between plot and gratuitous scenes--the bouncing breasts we certainly gratuitous, and not well recieved.

And, the kids didn't understand most of the movie, which again makes me wonder why it was a children's film at all. I'm sure there is a target audience for this film, but it isn't us. We will not be purchasing the DVD to add to our Selick collection and we will not be recommending it to freinds. If Selick wishes to push the envelope to this extent, he can do it without our financial contribution. (## send this to the MPAA as well)


Josi S. Kilpack

(this is my first draft, I fully intend to revise it before I send it out but I wanted all y'all to get the full picture before I talk nice)


Kristina P. said...

Interesting. I haven't really heard too much about this movie. I don't love animation as a whole, so it doesn't interest me.

Luisa Perkins said...

I LOVED the book, but it is definitely for the over-10 crowd.

I can already tell by the commercial that I'll HATE the movie. Bring ON that letter, girl!

Kara said...

Wow! Love the letter -- all the basic ideas are there. Just needs to be "massaged" a bit. We definitely will not be seeing this movie. Thanks for the "review". This is why we go to so few movies in the theater. We like to wait for reviews to be sure the movie is OK. So sorry this turned out to be such a bad experience for your family.

Lara said...

Yeah, anything I have heard about this movie isn't very complimentary.

Great letter. Good for you for sending it.

Anna Maria Junus said...

My 9 year old daughter went to the movies and saw the trailer for Coraline. She came home and talked about how horrified she was that the stepmother wanted to give Coraline buttons for eyes and the whole thing was wierd and she didn't want to see it.

So thanks for the warning on that.

I often wonder why movies geared for the family have to do this kind of thing. I know they want to entertain the parents too, but I can be entertained without this type of stuff. Shrek had several inappropriate references as did Jim Carey's The Grinch (remember the key party?)

Amber Lynn Argyle said...

I've never liked any of his movies, but it's good to know I need to say no if my 7 yr old askes for it.
Thanks for the heads up.

Annette Lyon said...

Good to know. We weren't running out to see it, but now I have zero desire to ever rent then thing.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I have had no desire to see this movie as it doesn't call to me. Neither did his other films. I am glad to know though about it though so I don't waste money on a movie rental.

I hate it when movies are advertised for kids, but turn out to be very adult.

My hubby took our kids to Marley and Me. I thought it would be a fun movie for the family. I stayed home with a sick baby.

Bryan walked in and said, "Do you even know what that movie is about?"

In my defense, I thought it was about a family with a crazy dog. It was. But he also informed me that there was a lot of swearing for a PG movie and that EVERYONE bawled at the end. Including my 6 year old.

So, darling, we all make mistakes! lol

By the way, I'm reading the book, "Marly and Me." It is hilarius! I can't wait to see it!

Oh, and another PS. I am also reading your book. Love it!!!

Anonymous said...


Don't change a WORD - to heck with being nice!! Let 'em have it!


Anonymous said...

Why talk nice?

Stephanie Black said...

Yikes! My eight-year-old wanted to go see this. Thanks for the heads-up. I won't be paying money to send my kids to this one.

Momo Fali said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I was debating whether or not to take my 10 year old daughter, and now I debate no more!

Jenna Consolo said...

Oooh, thanks for this. I will file it away under "Movies NOT to rent."

You go, girl. As always.

Sheila said...

Thank you, so much, for letting us know about this movie. We will not be seeing or renting it. It is such utter nonsense for them to promote these films as "family" movies. You almost can not let your kids, see any movie these days, that you haven't previewed first. Sorry that your kids had to be subjected to such trash.

Kellie said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I'd seen previews and was a bit intrigued by the movie. I won't be wasting my money at the theater or Red Box. Great job with the letter. I think more letters like this need to be sent.