Monday, May 14, 2007

Opening Night & Salt Lake Signing

Last week is over...can I hear an Amen! My signings were wonderful--Glory Hallelujah!

A hundred bazillion thank yous to everyone that came out to either the opening night or the Salt Lake signing. I couldn't tell you before how badly I HATE signings, but I HATE them. They are miserable necessary evils that keep me awake at night. So getting to see old friends, new fans, and life long cheerleaders makes it possible for me to do them. Above is a photo from my Opening Night party, to which many people came. Pictured here is Eric Swedin (the killing of Greybird, CFI), Janet Jensen (The Booklover's Cook book, Putnam) and Carole Thayne (Question of Trust and False Pretenses, Covenant) which were a few of the people that came out. Much thanks to Janet who actually had batteries in her camera :-) It's nice to have friends that are prepared.

Anyway, it really was a great week and I so appreciate the wonderful support. I hope those of you that have the book are enjoying it--though I'm totally open to suggestions, really. And thanks again for making my book's debut truly an event!


Heather Moore said...

I'm glad it went well! I had to go to Lagoon that day. So while you were signing books in a nice air-conditioned bookstore, I was standing in line with my 2-year old daughter to ride the cars . . . again!

Janette Rallison said...

I'm glad it went well. I generally look forward to book signings with the same glee I anticipate dentist appointments . . .but that's just me. I actually had a great one yesterday. A whole bunch of people that I didn't beg beforehand came. What a nice surprise.