Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Author notes take two...or three

Second day of author pages and I….blow it. Yeah me! I can’t even write freaking author pages, no wonder my mojo is off.

Actually, it’s not so bad. I’ve been editing a book for a friend of mine and I’m really enjoying it. It helps that she’s raw-raw-rawing me and seems to like my suggestions. I’ll take my positive affirmations anywhere I can find them. And I actually wrote three scenes in my own book yesterday—I know!! Amazing. I don’t know that I’ll keep them, but, well, I wrote them and I liked them and that counts…at least for now.

So today I need major brain dump

The goats got out again yesterday, dash and darn it. They are getting smarter, I should start eating their goat chow and see if it helps me too. They keep pushing down the fence…chicken wire…and slipping out, then they come and poop on my porch, almost got in the house this time. I’ve got to redo half the fencing and I DON’T WANT TO and it’s dang cold and so I better wear shoes every time I go on the porch. And a chicken is setting—brilliant. Not only is it 30 degrees but we have no rooster so there ain’t gunna be nothing happening and since she’s been setting for a week I’m out of eggs. No fair.

We’re on the 4th week of me taking the kids blankets and sheets if they don’t make their beds and I’m loosing steam. They’ve done really really good—it helps that they get fruit snacks if they do it, but I’m tired of stripping beds and I want to stop but I can’t so I won’t and I’ll just keep hating it.

Sent off two articles this morning and even though I know it will be weeks before I hear back I’ve checked my inbox…oh, twenty times waiting for a reply that says THIS IS THE BEST ARTICLE WE’VE EVER SEEN. Is that my ego or ID talking? Hmmmmm.

Chocolate chips
Piano tuning
Lip-sync competition
Believing Christ
Clean the basement
Get new car insurance for ### without her knowing about it
Post blog
Maddie so owes me

More tomorrow—maybe

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Author Pages 1

Anyone ever heard of Author Pages? They are a motivational un-blocking type activity I learned about in the book "The Artist's Way" By Julie Cameron. They are supposed to work like a creativity laxitive and get things moving. I'm in desperate need of such a procedure, and so I'm going to be doing Author Pages for the next week and putting them on my blog. Author pages are supposed to be a kind of free association of thoughts and such--so I can't be blamed for anything I say and I'm not checking spelling or grammar or anything (like I know how)

Author Pages--FUN! I haven't done these forever, mostly because I haven't needed to, but as a close second int he reasoning department, I don't know that I beleive in them and then of course there's the added boon of not having any time. Life is nutes, not that it iever been not-nuts, but it's nuts. The time I used to have for writing has been squeezed dry. All the story ideas I once had now seem flat and clhich. I've written 200 pages in a booik--with only 40 left that I might maybe keep. Whqat's wrong with me? I have the best publishing in this marekte, I've learned so much and hare I am writing freaking author pages because the ideas won't come--at least not the solid I'VE GOT TO WRITE THIS ideas I used to have all the time. I should be better than this. I should know how to put a story together and yet I'm st6uck. I know my character--Candice Starr and I and "feel" what I want her to be but I can't put the words togetehr. I knwo the basis of my story but I don't know the WHY. Why does it happen this way? Why do they do the things they do and why shoudl anyone read about it? I've gotten too wrapped up with wanting to teach people about the issue that I'm struggling to fit the story around it. And I'm starting to panic. I need this story to be done by June. I need it turned in by Julie--and I can make the time...if I know the story.

Boy--are you inspired? I hope someone is :-) I'm more depressed than ever. Better luck tomorrow.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Since changing the name of my blog a few months ago I’ve had several people ask me what it means. I love quotes, I don’t remember them and I usually forget to write them down, but I love them none the less. In my home-office right now I have several

“Writing is Hard Work—do it only if you have too” (my husband doesn’t think this is inspiring, but that’s cause he’s not a writer. It could also read ‘Real Estate Development is Hard Work—do it only if you have too, and then he’d understand it’s about fulfilling a passion you have. Mine is writing, his is real estate—I don’t know the original speaker of this one so I hope they don’t sue me)

“Your job is to tell the truth—their job is to learn from it” (I also don’t know who the original speaker of this one, so I hope they don’t sue me either, but author-actor-director-script writer, Thom Duncan, relayed it to me and I loved it. It reminds me what my end of the bargain is)

“The great public is the only tribunal competent to sit in judgment upon a literary effort”—Mark Twain. (I was told this by Lyle Mortimer of Cedar Fort a few years back and had it made into a sign I then hung on my wall. I gave him one too and it serves to remind me that I’m not just writing for the two reasons in the above quotes, but that I’m also writing to sell books.)

But the quote that has inspired me more than any other is the following:

“Use your talents, for use is why they were made. What is a Sundial in the Shade?” Ben Franklin.

So I ask you—what is a sundial in the shade? A nice statue? Somewhere for the cat to sleep and the birds to . . . decorate? Can a sundial fulfill it’s measure without sun? Another quote that explains this concept is “An Items value is in it’s use.” So, if you are a sundial, but you live in the shade, what is the use of being a sundial? And if you’re a writer, but you don’t use your gift, or you don’t find a way to share it,—what is the value of your talent?

Whether it’s writing, or baking, or welding, or running, or serving others, or real estate development—whatever talent the Lord has given us, do we keep it in the shade? What is it’s use to us? What is it’s value? And what will we say when the Lord asks us.

“Hey, were did you put your sundial?”

Step out of the shadows—spread your arms wide—turn your face to the sun and let the world know that “Here I am!”

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sariah S. Wilson-spotlight

I haven't yet spotlighted another author on my blog--don't know why--but there's no time like the present. I chose Sariah for several reasons:

1) Both our husbands served their missions in the Phillipines-- Salamat
2) Both our middle initials are S
3) We're both one of nine children
4) I enjoy her blog as www.sixldswriters.blogspot.com
5) She sent me an e-mail announcing her book, I don't believe I have ever recieved and announcement from someone I didn't already coorespond with. That impressed me because it shows she is gung-ho on this whole promotion thing. Most authors, especially first timers, aren't. I am BIG on telling new authors to hit the ground running and so it tickles me when they do!

Now, she and I have met (I think) but I can't remember where, so at the very least, hopefully this will help her forgive me for forgetting. If I hadn't JUST send out a notice to my mailing list I'd have included this, bummer.

Anyway, I've pasted a copy of the e-mail she sent me and encourage you guys to check out her website and use me as the referral. I love free books! But also forward it on so you can have a shot at it as well. I haven't read the story but have a lot of respect for the books Covenant puts out and I enjoy this genre. So, heeeeres, Sariah...



My first book, "Secrets in Zarahemla," will be on bookstore shelves this
week. In honor of my debut novel, I am offering several contests on my
website, www.sariahswilson.com.

I'm contacting you in hopes of spreading the word about my book and to give
you the chance to participate in one of the giveaways, the "Secrets in
Zarahemla Tell A Friend Contest." I am hoping that you will tell your
readers about this giveaway. The direct link to this contest is:


One reader can enter to win a free copy of "Secrets in Zarahemla" and a $50
gift card of their choosing. They will need to enter your name in the "who
referred them" box.

Whoever drives the most entrants to the contest will win their own $50 gift
certificate and a free copy of my book.

The contest lasts until February 28, 2007.

Thanks so much!
Sariah S. Wilson