Thursday, October 29, 2009

All Kinds of Jiggly inside

Ohhhh, so many happy things going on, where do I start?

Well, first, Julie and I leave on our booktour in 10 days. Wow. I am so, so, so excited. I've heard from several people who are planning to come out and I'm stoked for the support, and for the chance to meet some people I've only known via facebook and e-mail. Julie and I have our rental car rented, our sleeping arrangements made, and Julie has a GPS, although she informs me it only speaks Swedish. Lucky for me, she's fluent--or GPS fluent anyway. I've updated the itinerary on my website to reflect our new stops in Reno, Fountain Valley and Newhall. We've about given up on the last few presentations, but if you have a last minute request--or just want to go to a movie with us or something in the cities where we haven't gotten anything scheduled, be sure to let us know.

Second, I find it a lucky qirk of fate that my booktour coincides with English Trifle being featured as a title selection for Time Out For Women. I was stoked when Lemon Tart made their list, but English Trifle too? Wow, wow, wow. I was interviewed for their site HERE, so check it out, I don't think I sound too stupid, which is always nice.

Third, Devil's Food Cake is done and under review with Deseret Book. I'm so glad to be finished, it frees up my brain to start thinking about the next book which will be titled Key Lime Pie. Yummmmmm. I can't tell you what it's about because...well, I don't know yet :-) But it's gunna be good and take place in Florida.

And Fourth, I got my computer back. It was $400 but they fixed everything, everything, everything, and seriously, after the hours I log on this thing it deserved a spa day; or week. I'm relieved it's all glammed up for the trip and that I don't have to use the timer on the kid's computer anymore, that was totally lame.

And there's only two more days of stupid Halloween crap to deal with. What could be better? Other than only one day of stupid Halloween crap left.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I can't feel my feet, that's a bad sign, right? And the room is spinning. I'm a little sick to my stomach and no matter how hard I try to tell myself that I'm going to be okay, my mind refuses to believe what must surely be a lie. I am not okay.

There are substitutions available but it seems to make it worse--reminding me how good it once was. The replacement's very incompleteness triggers my anxiety until I fear that I've made a grave, grave mistake. Is imperfection worthy of separation? Am I selfish and arrogant to believe I deserve the best? Why am I so hard to please? So demanding? Is nothing better than almost perfect?

These thoughts have spun around my cortex for the last two days, but I have told myself that I only had to hold out until Friday, then my fears would be laid to rest and this parting would seem a distant, albeit, painful memory. Alas, there is a delay in our reunion and seeing as how it is Friday, that delay will stretch for the rest of today...all day tomorrow...throughout all of Sunday (which, truly seems sacrilegious) and until Monday when I receive the triumphant call that all is well. Only then will I be at peace, comforted by my vice without whom I am simply not myself.

Oh Monday, sweet Monday, I long for the comfort you will bring.

In the meantime, what advice do you have for me? How do you cope when your computer's in the shop?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In Brigham City Tonight?

If you are, come by Reflections of Utah Bookstore for Ronda Hinrichsen's new novel, Missing. Ronda's a good friend of mine and I am so excited for her debut novel! Opening night party will be from 5:00-7:00 (47 So. Main street)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Swear I'm not Selling Soap!

My apologies to anyone that sells Amway--I'm not against it, per se, but it's not my thing. Was once; and I sucked at it and didn't get the vision of it all even if I did really like the product itself. The whole 'call everyone you know' and 'if you care about them you'll tell them about this product' just wasn't my bag.

As a writer, I'm constantly having to 'sell myself' not on a street corner or anything like that, but I do book signings, I tell people I'm a writer even though I know some of them will make squinty eyes at me. However, one thing I haven't ever done before now is try and schedule presentations.

I give a lot of them, several a month, but I am usually invited. A couple months ago I had a signing in Idaho and asked some of my mailing list people if anyone of them would like me to do a presentation in the area on my way home. I sent the request to 50 people and had two of them respond almost immediately. I ended up with a great presentation in Malad Idaho, a place I likely wouldn't have gone. The lady that set it up did a fabulous job putting it together and we had a great time.

So, with that in mind, when Julie Wright and I were planning our book tour we thought, sweet--we can do presentations! I mean, when will I ever be back in Lake Oswego Oregon again? But we'll be right there and what a fun opportunity for all of us, right. Right?

Apparently wrong.

See, this whole promotion thing is a tricky little beast and while the Idaho presentation came together for me so smoothly, these other ones...not so much. When we call the stake leaders to tell them we're going to be in town they're a little suspicious. They don't seem to believe us when we say we aren't selling books, and when we try and tell them we're great presenters, well, they are even more convinced we are coming to sell books. Maybe this is because they don't have a lot of people come present? Or maybe we waited too long to send out the dates and so it seems like we're trying to sneak in. I don't know, but either way we're selling something they don't seem to want.

Kinda like soap.

It's been rather uncomfortable and although we've managed to line up dozens of book signings, and we have a couple presentations set up, it's looking like most of the cities we'll be hunkering in overnight are a-scared of us. Rather harsh on the old self-esteem, bringing me back to those Amway days...and Xango...and pre-paid Legal...and Malaluca (sp). So, instead of presentations, Julie and I might just have to go to movies, paint each other's toe nails and do Chinese fire drills around our rental car.

Sometimes, it seems, an invitation makes all the difference.

(However, if you assumed that we had them set up, we're still looking for events in Lake Oswego, Sacramento, LA, Mesa, and Thatcher--we would love for you to save us from ourselves!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bloggy Award and Meme

The Amazing Sandra chose me and four other bloggers for this blog award—which was very sweet. Here’s what she said by way of her reason:

3.Josi:  if you don't know Josi, then you don't know how to look at the hard parts of life and still smile

I hope this is true—but I must say I don’t see it very much. I think I whine about many things that are rather trite compared to what I see other people facing. But when people say things about me that surprise me, I try to absorb them and find the proof. So I’m going to be doing that, and I was very touched by the insightful comment. Thank you, Sandra, I appreciate it very much.

So, the five fabs I will give it to are the following: Each of them have a quality I am working toward developing in my life, hence they getting my notice:

LT Elliot—this woman is sunshine personified. Every time I see her she is just bubbly and so generous with her enthusiasm and optimistic attitude.

Ronda Hinrichsen—Ronda and I have been friends for several years and her first book comes out in a couple of weeks (If you’re in the Brigham City Area, it’s October 22 at Reflections of Utah). She's a solid woman with a strong work ethic and unfailing support of the people she loves. I very much admire her calm determination.

Don & Kara—They joint blog, so it goes to both of them, but together, and apart, they are such examples of what life really is. They have some trials, big ones that I can’t imagine, and yet if you ever read their blog they have such joy in their lives, in each other, and in their two daughters. AND, despite their family focus and optimism amid trial, they are generous and motivated toward the accomplishment of their own goals and dreams. That is a very rare gift indeed.

Julie Wright—She is my best (girl) friend and my mentor in so many ways. She just makes me feel good and when life gets hard she’s the first one I vent too—she’s always very validating and encouraging for whatever I might be facing. I just love her.

Jenna--Is the mother I want to be and I find her a very capable, courageous and inspiring woman. AND I love sending her these things because her answers fascinate me.

Now, on to the questions.

1. Where is your cell phone?.... I don’t know. Car or kitchen or pocket of the hoodie I wore last night. I do think it is charged, however.

2. Your hair? ...... Is really icky right now. I wore it curly yesterday, and the product I use is kind of sticky. I pulled it up with a red elastic this morning and need to get in the shower.

3. Your mother? ...... One of the best people I know

4. Your father?..... Gets better with age (probably my age, mostly)

5. Your favorite food? ...... Cheesecake

6. Your dream last night?.... Annoying—or I should say my husband was annoying in it. We were supposed to go to dinner with this old lady, but got distracted by a finance company who’s files Lee wanted to go through. So he rolled himself up in a sleeping bag and snuck into their office with some sidekick woman I think was his personal assistant. I was just ticked off the whole time since we were late for the poor old ladie’s dinner and then some teenagers were playing chicken in the pond out front and I finally left with Ronda Hinrichsen who was just as annoyed, but far more calm than I was about the whole thing.

7. Your favorite drink?.... Honestly, water. Boring huh.

8. Your dream/goal? .... to be at peace with myself and the people I love.

9. What room are you in? ...... kitchen

10. Your hobby? .... Oh, lots. My chickens, reading, bloggging, cooking

11. Your fear? ..... failure

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?... #8

13. Where were you last night?.....At the Box Elder High School Homecoming game—Jeanie was in the pep band who did the half-time show—it was awesome. First homecoming game I’ve ever been too.

14. Something you aren't?..... Comfortable with myself

15. Muffins? .....bran with craisens and white chocolate chips (Old Grist Mill-mmmmm)

16. Wish list item? ...... Sound canceling headphones

17. Where did you grow up?...... Salt Lake City

18. Last thing you did?...... Made pancakes for the kids and their sleepover friends

19. What are you wearing? ...... black sweat pants, black flip-flops, and an oversized Tommy Hilfiger hoodie. (flip flops were my daughters who hated them; mine now. Sweat pants were $10 on sale 5 years ago and I’ve only recently been able to fit back into them comfortably. Sweatshirt was $2 at DI about two years ago. It’s XL so super comfy and very unflattering. Good thing I’ve already got my man J)

20. Your TV? ..... 15 feet away—The Closer is on. I love TV.

21. Your pets? ......... 1 dog, Tex, and 6 chickens—who Tex would like to eat.

22. Your friends? ...... priceless and unexpected. I did not plan to have these kinds of friendships as an adult. I’m very blessed.

23. Your life?...... pathetically crazy

24. Your mood? .... anxious—I’m so far behind on my deadline and it kills me to not be living up to the expectations of my publisher. Ironically, that feeling then blocks my ability to finish the story and yet I’ve spent how much time on this blog post? It’s all very neurotic. I have a book signing today and then family pictures after that.

25. Missing someone? ..... Not really. Maybe myself a little bit.

26. Vehicle? ......Honda Odyssey (apparently creative advertising doesn’t make that big a difference when it comes right down to whether or not you’ll sell the car)

27. Something you're not wearing? ...... Make-up

28. Your favorite store? .......Deseret Industries—love that place. I get to go to the new one in Ogden today! I need some jeans and a Scout shirt. Wish me luck!

29. Your favorite color? ...... Black

30. When was the last time you laughed? ...... Last night, little man pulled his pants up to his armpits, sucked in his bottom lip and turned out his knees for the walk to our car after the game. He called himself Bartholomew Finkelton and kept snapping his fingers and saying “Ah Shucks”. It was the funniest dang thing I’ve ever seen. The kid is a crack-up

31. Last time you cried? ..... A couple weeks ago when I was alone in Vegas and feeling completely incapable of accomplishing anything in front of me.

32. Your best friend?...... My husband. I’d be lost without him.

33. One place that I go over and over? ....... Costa Rica. It is my bliss.

34. One person who emails me regularly?....... Lee—we exchange e-mails about a dozen times a day.

35. Favorite place to eat? ....... Oh, I’ll eat anywhere J

If you’re someone I tagged, be sure to tell me so I can read your answers.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I Feel Good!

Do you ever have days when you just feel good? I have plenty of them when I just feel lousy, but today is not one of them. I feel so good, in fact, that I'm conspiring with my siblings to make someone miserable. That someone would be my dad. It's his birthday tomorrow and since the last few gifts we have given him have fizzled, I decided to do one that while it won't make him happy, it will fit the remembered-by-my-children bill AND his students will get a kick out of it.

What d'ya think?

Maybe you have to know my dad to know how hilarious I am to give him something that is a) Completely impracticle b) silly and c) slightly feminine.

It's just his bum luck to have a birthday at a time when I feel good.

Last week, I'd have bought him socks. The week before that I'd have sent him five bucks and told him to buy something nice for himself (okay, who am I kidding. I usually forget his birthday entirely). That's how those weeks were going for me, but today. WELL, he gets the full benfit of my feeling good.

So, why does Josi feel good?

Let me count the ways:

1) We are finally getting paid from some of our Vendors who have had outstanding invoices for months and months! This means I can pay bills. It's glorious.
2) I'm not DONE with Devil's Food Cake as in finished, but I am DONE with Devil's Food Cake as in I know how it's gunna end so long as I can write down my thoughts without them feeling rediculous.
3) I wore pants today that 6 months ago gave me a stomachache. Now they fit :-)
4) I have strawberries in my fridge at home.
5) We hired a new bookeeper/receptionist for our Vegas location and she's wonderful. All the books are updated. I could just hug her.
6) I've been in Vegas for the last two weeks (two or three days at a time) and I'M NOT THERE RIGHT NOW!
7) While I'm here in Ogden, they are moving to a new office in Vegas and I'M NOT THERE RIGHT NOW!
8) It's sunny, which means I can do the thing I planned to do for scouts today and don't have to make some stupid crap up to do at the last minute.
9) The Qwest guy fixed my internet.
10) I'm doing laundry. I recently went back to having one day for laundry, which is how I did it for years before trying to do a load a day instead. I like one day better--it means that on the day after I finish, 98% of my families clothes are clean!

So, anyway, enjoy my good mood while it lasts. Anyone else feeling good? If so, what's going well?

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Book Tour Itinerary!

I am so dang excited for this book tour with Julie--I've never done anything like this and it makes me feel all kinds of adventurous. We are still looking to schedule several evening presentations, so if you live in these areas and have a group you'd like us to meet with, please let us know. We've both presented to all types of groups--youth groups, Releif Society, Bookgroups, writing groups, youth at risk groups. We speak on a variety of subjects from religious to secular--your topic or ours.

Oh, and I'm on Twitter now because I looked at my daily schedule and said "Hey, I've got like 39 seconds between getting home from work and the kids coming home from school, what should I put there?"  I haven't yet figured out how to go about finding people, so if you know how then maybe you can find me first :-)

Without further ado, here's the schedule.

Monday, November 9th

Start: Willard Utah.

*Idaho Falls, ID:  Deseret Book 11:30-12:30
(208) 525-2500

*Boise, ID: Seagull 5:30-7:00

Tuesday, November 10th

*Kennewick, WA: Far West Books & Gifts, 11:00-12:00
(509) 735-1402

*Lake Oswego, OR: Deseret Book 5:00-6:30

*Evening Presentation in Lake Oswego?

Wednesday, November 11th

*Cottonwood CA: Classic Books 4:00-5:30
   (530) 347-2200
*Evening Presentation in Cottonwood?

Thursday, November 12th

Sacramento Lunch: 12:00-2:00 (details to follow)

*Sacramento, CA: Deseret Book 4:30-6:00
(916) 967-5725
*Evening Presentation in Sacramento?

Friday, November 13th

*Oakland, CA: Seagull 11:00-12:00

*Bakersfield, CA: Beehive Books Bakersfield 4:00-5:30
(661) 322-7276

Saturday, November 14th

Ensign books Los Angeles Area: Details to follow

Sunday, November 15th

*Evening Fireside Orange county?

Monday, November 16th

*Orange, CA: Deseret Book (new location: details to follow) 12:00-2:00

*Late Lunch 2:30 (details to follow)

Tuesday, November 17th

*Glendale, AZ: Deseret Book12:30-2:00

*Late Lunch 2:30 (details to follow)

*Mesa, AZ: Seagull 4:30-6:00

*Evening Presentation in Mesa area?

Wednesday, November 18th

*Tucson AZ: Latter Day Cottage12:30-1:30

*Thatcher AZ: Bookworms book signing 4:30-6:00

*Evening Presentation in Thatcher?

Thursday November 19th

Start: Thatcher, Arizona

*Chandler, AZ: Deseret Book 12:00-1:00  (480) 899-5469

*Evening Presentation in Las Vegas area?

Friday, November 20th

*Las Vegas, NV: Deseret Book (location not yet confirmed) 11:00-12:30

*St. George, UT: Deseret Book 4:30-6:00
 (435) 628-4495

Saturday, November 21st

*Cedar City, UT: Deseret Book 12:00-1:30
(435) 865-1253