Wednesday, October 08, 2008

HELP ME, the google reader idiot

So I've heard people talking about google reader and I want to love it. I really, really, really want to love it. But so far I don't. I've been working on it all dang day and it's got to be easier than I'm making it to be. I added my blogs to my blogger dashboard but now I can't figure out how to import them into the reader thing. I mean, I know there are horrible things like a crumbling economy and world hunger going on, but I am dang annoyed I can't figure this out. I want to read all my blogs in one place like everyone else and it's making me swear.

So, someone much smarter than me (uh, that would be everyone) help me out here. Is there no easier way of doing it other than typing in the url on the reader page? I'm a horrible speller and I keep going to blogs and exiting before I note how they are spelled. And can I put it as a feed in my toolbar like I have some of my other favoritist blogs. I want to! And if I can't, I'm gunna be even madder!

Here's what I need to know:
*Can I put it in my toolbar like an RSS feed. If so, how, if not, why the $%#@!! not, this is America!
*Can I reply on the actual reader page or do I have to go to the blog every time?
*Can I import my 'blogs I'm following' or do I seriously have to type them all out?
*Is this really worth it?

Thanks in advance, and my apologies for my unnecessary emotional state about this. I can't explain my state of mind in a way that will make sense so I'll stop here.


Anonymous said...

Great post, I'm looking into getting Google Reader and when I read your post it's making me wonder. I'm going to look into this more and if I find anything out I'll let YOU know. If you find anything else out let ME know pleasse. Thanks and great blog by the way.

Chillygator said...

I use Firefox, but on blogs you'll get a little orange and white icon in the address bar that you can click and do add to google reader. Pick RSS if it makes you pick. Umm...I don't use Internet Explorer, but opening mine I see the orange and white icon on one of the tool bars.

If you don't like THAT, then you can copy and paste each blog address into Google Reader with the "add subscription" button. Private blogs won't let you add (darn private blogs!).

If you need a better explanation (with screen caps and stuff) you're welcome to e-mail me (and tell me what browser you use so I can try to do it from there).

Heather Moore said...

I want to know too!

Annette Lyon said...

I haven't stepped into the "following" thing yet, so no help there.

Don't bother typing all the URLs. When you go to someone's blog, just copy and paste the URL into the reader (which you keep up in a separate window). Super easy peasy.

Yes, you do need to go to the actual blog to comment, but you can do that easy by clicking on the blog title INSIDE the reader (like you do at Writers in Heels) That will pop up a new window with the blog in it, and it keeps the Reader up so when you're done with the blog, kill that window and then go to the next post in your Reader.

My reader is under my favorites menu, but I'm sure you could just make a regular bookmark button for it. I'm just an idiot and too lazy to figure that out.

But YES it's WAY worth it. Reading blogs is SO MUCH easier with my reader. For starters, I'm not randoming clicking around to see if a favorite blog has been updated, so I don't go there unless it HAS been. For another, I can follow more blogs IN LESS TIME. (I won't even admit how many blogs I'm subscribing to. It's a little ridiculous. Okay, a LOT ridiculous.)

I can read any newly updated blogs by scrolling through them all, or I can read just the ones I want to by clicking on their names on the side. If there's too many and I'm overwhelmed, I just mark them as "read" and move on.

Another bonus: you can sort them by topic. So, for example, I've got Mormon Mommy blogs and Writing blogs in different folders.

The whole thing brings me joy. And see? I came here pretty quickly after you posted this, because it popped up, not because I knew through some cosmic force that you'd updated your blog. :D

Josi said...

Annette--thank you, I am a little bit over my pout since I don't have to type it in and knowing I'm SUPPOSED to just leave a browser window open helps me. I'm still trying out Chilly's advice, I'd really like it in a feed I can put in my toolbar like other blogs and the writer in heels planet. I really like the easy breeziness of it. Thanks for the help, I'm still getting folders and such set up.

Marion Jensen said...

Go to the blog you want to follow.
Click on the address bar so your cursor is up there.
Hit Ctrl a
Hit Ctrl c
Go to your google reader.
Click 'add subscription'
Hit Ctrl v
Click the Add button

You're good to go. Sounds complicated, but it's cake. I follow about 75 blogs through my google reader, and can't imagine following that many without it.

E-mail me if you have problems.

Melanie Jacobson said...

Uh, I don't know anything about Google Reader but I just started using Bloglines and I thought it was pretty easy...

Nat Lud said...

So this has nothing to do with Google Reader. I have no idea how to use it either! I am your sister Crystal's friend (and my brother is Sam's best friend and my other brother Michael was Nick's best friend). Anyway, I just read your book 'To Have and to Hold' and I loved it! I just got 'Unsung Lullaby' and am already hooked! Great job! I can't wait to read the rest!

Crystal said...

I love google reader and your very impressive friends had great advice! They have made it even easier for me! I am embarrassed to say I physically typed each blog address I follow (not 75 of 'em)but not anymore-no siree!!

An Ordinary Mom said...

I'm SOOOO glad people have already told you about copying and pasting with the control c and control v shortcuts. Those are my lifesavers! And opening up another window is fabulous, too.

And just so you know, I much prefer Bloglines over Google Reader ... but that is just my preference. I like to put the gazillion blogs I follow (nearly 100 ... yes I need to whittle it down, but it is hard to cut our friends and family) into different folders. For example, I have a daily reads folder, a family folder, a blogs to read that I don't comment on folder, etc.

By the way, to comment on a blog, you will still need to go to the site. And once you start using a reader, you will find it frustrating when people don't publish their full feeds :) !!

I hope things are going more smoothly now! Once you get the grunt work out of the way, it is so incredibly worth it. Worth it I say! And when you add more blogs, it should only take about 2.3 seconds.

C.J. said...

So what's google reader?

Karlene said...

Looks like you've gotten some good instructions. I love Google Reader. Makes it much easier for me to read the 2 bajillion blogs I visit.

I have Google Reader as an item on my Google iPage and I make that my home page when I turn my computer on.