Thursday, December 25, 2008

That's it? Well, then Merry Christmas I guess

Hmmm, it must be Christmas:

One garbage bag full of environment destroying gift wrap, eight plates of half eaten neighbor gifts, one broken crock pot lid, one new guitar for guitar hero with a broken whammy bar (thanks eBay), an extra foot of snow, one husband with the flu, one kid crying because he doesn't want to share his Legos, two hours without power (You wanted to play the video games? You are so spoiled), an extra five (or twelve) pounds on my backside, and all I got was a freaking back up camera for my car--I guess Santa doesn't want me backing over anyone's bikes anymore--he has no sense of adventure.

At least my house is clean

Or not.

And my kids are happy--except for the one that went to his room crying--oh, and the one that realized the guitar was broken--oh, and the one with the Littlest pet shop toy that had a battery dated May 2007 so it doesn't work--oh, and the one that was not impressed with Mom's admittion that she forgot to buy the lil wayne CD--oh, and the one that got a bike even though he wanted a Wii--oh, and the one that got the cedar chest--oh, and the one that's mad cause I won't let her see "Yes, Man" until Dad and I approve it. Wait--that's eight. I only have four kids. How does that work?

At least my kitchen is clean too.

Cynicism aside, I love Christmas--though I probably prefer Chrismas Even to Christmas Day. We had a nice dinner and read the Christmas story. Some freinds stopped by, we had trifle, and the kids were in bed by nine. Today, we're all just chillin--I've written almost 1000 words on my current book--a very Merry Christmas for me--and we have enough left overs that I won't have to cook for a couple days and I've got a good 11 months before I have to do all this again :-)

Happy Holidays


Don said...

Yeah, funny how expectations don't always get met. I think we're 50-50 with our kids this year. One had happy tears, the other is completely underwhelmed. Oh, well.

Have a Merry Christmas, Josi!

Annette Lyon said...

Brave woman, to show pictures the day of Christmas. My place still looks like a bomb went off (even though there are at least four or five garbage bags stuff with boxes and wrappings).

You sound like me, though--I got in over 1,000 words today, too. The best kind of play on a holiday!

Merry Christmas!

Anna said...

Luckily my kids are little enough still, that they were impressed with any gift that was given. The gifts are fun for them, but unwrapping is still half the fun for them still.

My house is a mess though. I'm trying to have patience with it though. It's Christmas, they should have a day of playing without worrying about a spotless house.

Now I'm just waiting for this baby to come... 2 weeks left. :)

Heather Moore said...

My 11 year old wanted a cell phone and we didn't get it for her. I warned her and warned her. But I think she was still hoping. The other kids seemed pretty happy overall.

I'm still cleaning. I don't think I'll get much writing done this holiday.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

You know, you sound so much like me! And our houses are identical! My cell quit working yesterday due to water damage from snow that got in my purse. I don't know, don't ask.

Ya, for lazy days though, now that it's all over!

Julie Wright said...

HAHA! I love you. Plans didn't work out so well for the wright's this year either. Because of the storm we had to leave to salt lake on Christmas Eve. Everything got a little rushed and MAN was it hard to think about Baby Jesus and think peace on earth thoughts when you're rushing kids all over the house to pack up, be nice, set the table for dinner that we're eating three hours early, and get those presents opened, but don't look at them too long cause we're leaving now.
Oy. I'm tired.
I think your house looks great considering.
I got a thousand words written too. Where are you at?

alisha said...

Oh Josi. I'm sorry to hear about your Christmas. Is that what happens as the kids get older?

I guess I'm kind of used to not having snow on Christmas (even in Utah it doesn't seem to be a given anymore) - and it was really nice that the kids could go out and ride their bikes/scooters and not have to wait for a few months to use their gifts.

Merry Christmas-is-over to you!

Jenna said...

I think this was the best Christmas post I've read, Josi. You are a total riot. Please move next door to me and crack me up all day every day.

Kristi said...

Christmas was good. No one ended up in tears, so that is a bonus, and we even have family in town. I am running out of christmas goodies though. People really skimped out this year on me. Huh...I wonder if it is because I didn't give out christmas plates this year OR last year. Stingy people. :)

amberargyle said...

That all sounds eerily familiar.

C.J. said...

Sounds like a pretty typical Christmas. What fun!