Thursday, March 12, 2009

Worldwide Ward Cookbook GIVEAWAY

I still bow in reverence to Annette Lyon's amazing contest week, but there must be something in the water cause I'm gunna have one too. but don't forget to check out Annette's blog as well, just cause you win one doesn't disqualify you from winning another one.

Sooooooo, you were all coveting my cookbook when I talked about it a couple weeks ago, weren't you? (the Baked Shrimp was DIVINE!) Well, of course you were coveting! If not for the fact that I have one already, I would covet it to. However, I have been given the opportunity to save you from your evil ways by offering one of you salvation through your very own copy. Covenant Communications has offered a free copy of the book to one of my delightful readers (that's you). To enter, however, you have to first read this:

“Confessions of a Chocoholic Cook” is a free cooking event in which community members will be taught simple but tasty chocolate recipes from "Worldwide Ward Cookbook."

The event will be held at the SCERA lobby (745 S. State St., Orem, UT) on Wednesday, March 18 @ 7 p.m.

Some of the recipes that will be taught and demonstrated include Chocolate Pancakes with Grandma's Syrup, Snickers Salad, “My Most Favorite Cake” and Fudge Cookies.

“Confessions of a Chocoholic Cook” is open to the general public, but those who want to attend must RSVP by March 16 by emailing
(I don't know how to make that a hyperlink, sorry)

Seriously, have you ever had Snickers Salad? I have and it's amazing! This will be a totally awesome night and it's FREE!

Now that you're drooling all over your keyboard, or crying because you live a million miles away and can't afford a plane ticket, here's how you can enter the contest for a free copy of The Worldwide Ward Cookbook. I'll draw a winner on Monday the 16th by using

To enter, you have to tell me the most recent chocolate you've eaten. for me, it's the Fudge Pudding cake that my daughter and I made for FHE last night (and I had for breakfast . . . and lunch)--super yummy!

AND if you are planning to attend this event, you get entered twice. I will take you at your word because we all know where liars go :-)

Keep in mind that Deanna is still taking entries for her Worldwide Ward Christmas Cookbook, but there are only a few weeks left. Go HERE for details.


LisAway said...

Oh man I wish I could go. Scera holds loads of childhood memories for me.

Last night I ate way too many peanut butter brownies completely packed with chopped dark chocolate. (without the ganache though because I eat baked stuff every day, not once a week. And I'm not rich). Love those (a little too much).

And of course I'll give an address in America

Brooke said...

The most recent chocolate I ate was a hot fudge sundae on Tuesday night. It was sooooo good.
I wish I could go, too. Darn.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

The latest chocolate I had was I swear half a bag of Cadbury mini eggs last night..... I am a sucker for those!:)

Lara Neves said...

Snickers salad? wow.

The last chocolate I ate was a four pack of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Divine. My favorite part of Easter time.

Becki said...

i would love to tell about my chocolate consumption - it's one of the few things i do really well. the last i ate was a hershey's symphony bar with toffee and almonds - so good. but what makes it better is to melt it in the microwave - not too runny - just a bit. it makes it warm and creamy. and my other tip is to buy the big bars and break them up. they are thicker and creamier.
Ahhhh chocolate. Becki

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

For me it was the two hazelnut Creme Roulees I ate after dinner last night.

Okay three.

No...four, actually.


Kristina P. said...

I had some Cadbury Mini Eggs last night. I hope I win!!

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Wish I could go, but I'll have to have my own chocolate tasting party here. The last chocolate I had was yesterday when I drank a mug of hot chocolate as I sat in front of my fireplace and wondered if winter will ever release us from its frigid grasp.

alisha said...

Now that's a cooking class I could love! Sad that I'm in the category of millions of miles away (give or take).

My most recent chocolate was not so exciting - just some M&Ms. But, it was chocolate.

Crystal said...

Last chocolate I ate was last night, mini m&m's with Kendra. What can I say, she dropped a few!

Heather Justesen said...

Well, I just ate peanut butter cookies with peanut butter/chocolate chips in them. Very minimal chocolateness there, but I had to be honest. Before that, I had chocolate pudding last night.

Apparently I need to eat a lot more chocolate! And I am totally bummed I can't make it to the event at the SCERA!

amberargyle said...

My son's chocolate, pudding filled, birthday cake. Compliments of my husband.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Royal Dark Mini Cadbury Eggs ... those things are deadly wicked!

Does it count if I want to come to your event?!?

chelsea said...

Last chocolate I ate was some white morsals chips after lunch today...yeah chocolate is one of my 6 health groups! lol

Hillary said...

The last chocolate thing I had was chocolate frosting in between saltine crackers. Don't knock it until you've tried it! Salty chocolaty-ness. Mmm.
I sure wish I still lived in Utah to go to this clas...but I'm happy to be entered in your drawing!
P.S. I bought Lemon Tart yesterday! I'm just itching to put the kids to bed and go sit down and read! Since it's only 3:30 I guess I'll have to control myself a little longer.

Anna said...

The last chocolate I had was today. Last night my husband bought me a bag of Hershey Kisses with Almonds. I ate a bunch today... more than I should have.

I can't go to the chocolate show, but that sure does sound like a lot of fun.

Grandma 'D' said...

Sounds like fun. I saw the cookbook in Costco, and wondered whether I should buy it. Looks like a good one. Anyway as for the Chocolate.....I am a W.W. and so I pretty much have to watch everything I put into my mouth. If I eat it, I have to count it. And I make every point count. I started off with York peppermint patty, (least amount of calories of the candy bar family) followed my an Andes mint, and then a fat-free chocolate cream pie covered in cool whip that Crystal left in the fridge before she went back to SLC. Food or chocolate? Duh!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I am eating a Hersey bar right now. I live in Texas and so need a cookbook all of mine were lost in a move. Hope I win sounds as if this cookbook has heavenly recipes in it.
Love your blog read it daily.Leep up the ggod work.
Angel Chick aka ACHICK

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I love chocolate. It's my best friend, but honestly, I can't remember the last chocolate I had. I think it was a Hershy's kiss from Valentines day.

Heather B said...

Alas, it has been 4 months and 25 days since my last taste of that delightful substance known as chocolate. My nursing baby has a sensitive tummy and does not do well with chocolate. However, nothing helps the pounds disappear like the absence of chocolate from ones diet. Needless to say, I will not be attending the event...happy chocolate eating to you all!

Crystal said...

One of my friends here in SC has a recipe in this book (Pulled Pork sandwiches on pg 146...she's making them for me tomorrow...Yum)! I so wish I could go to the show! The last chocolate I had was a dark chocolate dove with almonds. I might have had two. :-\ They say having a piece of dark chocolate a day keeps you healthier. If that's true than two or three (or four should make me extra healthy, right? Haha

PS I got Lemon Tart for my birthday. Can't wait to read it!

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

The last thing I ate that I made was my Snickers cake. The last chocolate I ate was Ghirardelli.

ali cross said...

I might be too late, but I'm gonna try anyway! I totally WANT this cookbook!

Last chocolatey thing I ate were fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies last night with my family. :)


Anonymous said...

Dark Chocolate Peanut and plain M&M's um about 5 minutes ago. Chocolate Ice cream with Chocolate Syrup last night. And I would love go to the chocolate thing at SCERA but I either have missed it or working or some dumb thing. So I think I am going to put myself into a chocolate time out.

Crystal said...

%^^$^# IT! I just checked your blog & now it's Tuesday the freekin' 17th!

I had a butterfinger shake with extra butterfinger--oh man!!

Payte and Sherie said...

The last chocolate I had was some of my daughters chocolate gold fish grahams! So I would love to have a new chocolate recipe!!!