Monday, July 13, 2009

Follow, Follow Me!

I feel so special! I have 38 followers; now if that doesn't make a girl feel loved, I don't know what will. And it's nice to feel loved.

Yesterday was my 'Throw Rocks at the World Day" I have them about once a month. Sometimes it comes on a day when I am too busy to notice and so I manage to brush it off until it slithers back into the moldy undergrowth where it came from. Other days, like yesterday, it's claws dig into my flesh as it crawls up my back and cackles in my ear.

Nothing went horribly wrong, but nothing went right either. Everything and everyone annoyed me and the only thing I wanted was silence. Which is impossible. Therefore I was just irritated all day. Lee finally asked me if I was mad at him (after asking me six times what was wrong and me saying "NOTHING, OKAY!") and I said no, not really, I was just . . . mad about everything. Then I listed everything that had me annoyed--to which I believe he was thinking "Why did I ask?"

Today, I felt better--especially when I realized I had 38 followers--almost double what I had when I started the contest last week :-) So thank you, to everyone that posted reviews and followed me and helped me get over myself.

So, on that note, I put all the names (multiplied by how many times you entered) into and ran the list 4 times because I have four angelic children, even when I don't like them. The poor dears--to be vexed with such a mother as I, sigh.

I had 53 entries! That totally rocks, so thank you everyone.

Anyway, so ran the lists and the winner is . . .

Jenna! Which is particularly fitting because she's the kind of mom I wish I were, especially on days like yesturday. If you don't read her blog at, you should. You're life will be enriched by her perspectives on life and family.

Jenna, will you e-mail me your address off-list, I will then forward it to Julie who will sign the book and send it out to you.

Thanks again everyone who entered! Preciate it.

PS--English Trifle shipped to stores on FRIDAY--almost 2 weeks early! My Opening Night Party will be on July 30th at Reflections of Utah Bookstore at 47 S. Main in Brigham City 5:00-6:30. More info to follow.


L.T. Elliot said...

I'm sorry about the crummy day. I had a weekend like that. *sigh* I hope you're feeling better. I'm glad for you about the followers and I'll do my best to help you get some more. =]
Thanks for the contest! It sure was fun!

Kristina P. said...

Congrats to Jenna!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Well if it couldn't be me I'm glad it's Jenna. Congrats!

amberargyle said...

I MISSED IT! I have one bad week, miss you blog, AND I MISS A FREE BOOK!

*sigh* Life is so unfair

Rebecca Talley said...

I hate days like that. I just have to go to bed on those days because I'm too crabby for even my own self to endure.

Wish I could come to your party!

Luisa Perkins said...

Yay for Jenna!

I can't wait to get English Trifle!