Thursday, September 13, 2007

Middle Name Meme

Annette tagged me for the middle name meme, so here we go. My middle name is Snow. Because most y’all are Mormons, you probably already assume it’s because I’m related to the famous Snows of Church History lore (Erastus Snow to be exact. His cousins, Lorenzo and Eliza are more commonly known). I once fantasized that my parents chose Snow because they were wigged out hippies determined to raise me with a love of all things free and natural. Not so. My mom was a Snow and all but 3 of my siblings have Snow as their middle name. No creativity at all.

S—It’s a really bad sign when the very first letter stumps me. Sweet (Julie, stop laughing!) Snotty (someone please start laughing?) Sarcastic—ah, that’s it. Sarcastic works.

N—Nerdy. But not in the cool “Let’s ask Josi, she’ll know” kind of way, more in the “Did you see what she was wearing?” kind of way. I’ve never been the cool kid, the one that got asked to the dance, or even the teacher every kid wanted to have in Sunday school. I tell jokes people don’t understand, say things I shouldn’t, laugh when its not funny, and get things stuck in my teeth. I think I’ve had less than 2 dozen days in my whole life where I felt like I was wearing the right thing. Oh well, me and the guy I’m sleeping with don’t mind too much and my kids don’t know the difference since I’m the only mother they’ve ever had. What do I care what other people think? If only I were nerdy enough that not caring was an option.

O—Overwhelmed. There is so much in life to do, to learn, to write, to read, to accomplish, to discover, to experience, and to watch. I have not yet learned to take things slow, do one thing at a time, and so I spend most of my life completely overwhelmed. I often tell my husband I’ve run out of room in my brain, I can’t hold anything else. And then I see a flier for Jazzercise and I’m juggling my calendar again.

W—W? What can I do that starts with W? Wonderful is out. So it Wholesome. Weird works, but honestly—have you met my friends? They have the corner market on Weird ☺. I’d like to use Wise, but I had a friend in high-school that was struck by lightening and he said it really hurt. Hmmmm. Whiney might be the best I can do. I love to whine, I’m actually trying to make it a nationally recognized sport. I’m going for the gold.

I’m tagging Ajoy (since she’s forgiven me for being negative toward her friend Stephanie Meyers) and Carole Thayne Warburton, my paradisiacaly glorious friend who has greatly blessed my life.


Don said...

I've found it a fortunate truth that kids never fully grasp the true nature of their parents. My daughter is almost as big of a nerd as me, so for now she still sees me as some kind of nerd hero.

She's ten, so that will change soon, I'm sure.

Julie Wright said...

I wasn't laughing . . . I was snickering--in honor of the "S" :)

Autumn Ables said...

I live in Arizona. My husband grew up near Snowflake, AZ. Any relation to those saints who founded it? Two men with the name of SNOW and FLAKE are the founders. Hence, the name of the town. I was just curious if you knew or not.

I love reading the meme's! It's always fun to get to know someone better. You tagged me? What the...

I will try to be creative. grrrrrr

Rebecca Talley said...

I'll race you for the gold in the Whiney Olympics!

Very fun and informative.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Looks like I should change my middle name. The entirety of that meme is

Sandra said...

You are so funny. I had to read this to my daughter, she is so like your N. She kept saying- "Does she know me and my friend, Liva?"

Unsung Lullabies came today. Thanks. I am forcing myself to save it for the drive to San Diego so I don't forget life and read it all this weekend.

C.J. said...

Hey, I already left a comment but it didn't show up. I've always thought you were cool! I hung out with you because I thought so, and now I find out you're just a nerd. I'm so sad about me. And thanks for the wonderful things you said. I do think you're Smart, Naughty in a good way, Open, and Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

ah, you're fun. enjoyed this, but you slam yourself too much girl. you're pretty cool and pretty nice. thanks for stopping by my blog this week and leaving me another reason to smile.

happy friday, kathleen

ps. i posted a great mom story that a friend of mine sent me yesterday. it'll make you feel good to read this, trust me.

Unknown said...

Josi--you are too so cool!! Fun blog though. Made me laugh.

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

OK girly, the pattern I am noticing is that you do not give yourself enough credit!

Why is that? Is it because you don't want to come off overly confident or do you really not believe you are as wonderful as the rest of us think you are!?

It is probably the latter but my dear, I am the same way! Definitely too sarcastic.

I personally think you are Wonder Woman. I love the way you write and how you express yourself!

Anna Maria Junus said...

I make jokes all the time that no one gets.

I was even too nerdy to work in a library!

Anonymous said...

hope you are being better to yourself today. i liked how you ended your meme by saying how your friend has gloriously blessed your life. man i love friends like this. we are so blessed by the special souls who touch our lives. we are truly rich for the people we ge to have this life experience with. glad to hear you have it, too, and that you know you have that.

blessings this day,
kathleen :)