Thursday, November 01, 2007

And the truth will set you free! (answers to the Liar meme)

I'm glad so many of you think so well of me, however it puts me in an awkward position as I hate dashing peoples good impressions. Unfortunately I do it quite often and today is no exception. Anyway, here it goes.

#4--The Mikes--Only one person guessed this one and Newnorth only guessed it because no one else had (she's such a rebel :-). I really thought this story was rather unbelievable, but maybe it's one of those truth is stranger than fiction--that many Mike's would never work in a book. And yes, the husband was kind of jerk to insist on the name thing. Anyway--it's true.

#3--Gambling--I'm sorry (kinda) to say that my husband and I really did win $800 playing blackjack in Costa Rica. Yes, I know gambling is bad and against my religion, and I know several people that will lose thousands and go right back to it, my hubby and I don't gamble this way. Fact is, my husband is a professional gambler--not in casino's but in profession. He's a real estate investor and is constantly hedging his bets in one business or another. He loves the rush and is very good at what he does. He was a quick study in blackjack and thank goodness for our religious beliefs that keep us cautious. The trick is that he knows when to hold em and knows when to fold em and he taught me how to do it as well. I'm a baby and I only play with nice dealers though, and the other people at the table hate me because I constantly split tens--it's my favorite trick. Really we do it once a year, if that, and won't lose more than $40. But we were on fire that night! 12 people thought this one was a lie. (this is not an endorsement for gambling in anyway and the writer of this blog is not responsible for anything you may lose at the tables)

#2--Free trip to Mexico--I had no idea this 'payback' program existed and went back and forth about even calling them when I got the bill because I thought it was a mistake and didn't want to fess up and have them remove the credit. But I did call and it was awesome--the only thing we paid for was souvenirs and a couple meals, oh and braids that made me look like an 11 year old girl--doubly discomfiting since I was 5 months pregnant. Six days in Mexico for $200, not bad. The fact that the other five transactions I'd made that month weren't the winners was awesome since they were all under $30. 9 of you thought this was a lie.

#1--Hans Solo in my car--Yep, this was the lie. I've never met Harrison Ford. However, the trick to telling a good lie, make it as true as possible. The situation happened just like I said, only it wasn't me, it was my sister-in-law and she wasn't sure it was him until the town was wild with the news. I would NEVER have mistaken Harrison Ford for someone else, are you kidding? Also, did you know people are less likely to guess A in multiple choice? They have a hard time believing the right answer is the first one they read and by the time they read through all the answers, they've nearly forgotten what A was. B is actually the most common answer, mostly because people THINK C is the right answer most of the time, but it actually comes in second. Just some tips for all y'all in case you want to hone up on your dishonesty.

The three that picked it off were Holly, Jen & Tegdir92. My 5 year old is in bed already so my 13 year old drew after rolling her eyes and saying "fiiiine." The winner is . . . Jen!! Yeah Jen.

Please follow this link to my website, click on books and read up on which of the two you would like, Earning Eternity or Tempest Tossed. Then send your address to and I'll get the book in the mail.

Thanks for playing everyone, that was fun, and I hope no one's testimony was bruised in the process.


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Well, at least I was right!

You are good. I was tempted to pick the Mike one but it sounded so outrageous that I figured it had to be true!

Anna said...

I didn't pick the Mike one, because I can totally see that happening. I know a guy named Mike that his first son is Mike. He's divorced, and although his ex-wife isn't remarried, I could totally see something like that happening. Probably rare, but possible.

By the way, I bought To Have Or To Hold, and I'm loving it.

Janette Rallison said...

My husband comes from a long line of Roberts so I totally believed the Mike one--I'm just so dang shocked that you're lucky in the monetary realm. Twice.

I do feel sorry for your sister-in-law though. (Or maybe not since she obviously isn't a huge Harrison Ford fan.) I'm sure I would have done something to embarrass myself. Like propose.

DarkWing said...

I was hoping either 2 or 3 was a lie because it just isn't fair to have two free vacations!

ali cross said...

Oh man! Teach me to stay away and miss out on the fun game and contest!

Those were way fun Josi!

Autumn Ables said...

Since I know the answers now...I suppose I can't play? teehee

You LIAR, you!!

Anonymous said...

hi there. you did great. i never would have guessed that harison was the lie. you are good at this. hey, hope your week is going great, take care, kathleen :)

Jenna said...

Good one! And I see you covering your bases for the benefit of Utah Mormons. Okay, I jest. But no one's testimony is on the rocks over your confessed addiction. :)

Meisha said...

Aww, dang it. I came across your blog too late to play along. I think I might have picked the credit card story, but you did a really good job of making it hard with so many details in each one. The "Mike" story is too funny!

Luisa Perkins said...

Well done!