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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Final Hours for Whitney Nominations!

Just a reminder that reader votes for the first annual Whitney Awards are due by midnight on December 31st 2007. However, since at that time many of us will either be snogging with someone special, or eating that last piece of pizza, or taking another aspirin so we can deal with the kids for another half hour, you might want to get your votes in earlier than rather than later. For a list of books check out LDSpublisher’s blog, where she has kindly kept a runny tally of the eligible books, though it might be missing some.

There has been a lot of flack for LDSfiction and some of it has been deserved; poorly written, trite storylines, peachy, unrealistic, cheesy—all those things can apply to certain books—which is why it’s so important to reward those titles that break those negative impressions and make a difference. The whole goal of the Whitney is to recognize those books that are of the quality readers want, but it only works if you take the time to nominate those books that you felt are worthy of emulation in the industry. This really is a pinnacle achievement for LDSfiction as a whole, as it’s the first time a reader driven “rating” system has been put in place. Please, please, please, if you read any books from the list that really made a good impression on you, take the time to nominate. You can nominate multiple titles in multiple categories or in the same category (though only one vote per book per category), you can nominate both traditionally published and self-published books, national market and LDS market so long as they were written by and LDS author. Don’t be shy, the award depends on YOU! (picture Rob Wells with a beard, a red, white, and blue top hat and his finger pointed)

For more information on how the award works, or to nominate a book, go to

Awards will be announced at the first annual Whitney Awards Gala that will be held March 22—reservations can now be made through the LDStorymakers writers’ conference registration page at

Thanks for all the great support!


Autumn Ables said...

Thanks for the reminder. I will go vote now.

I'm finally slowing down a bit now that Christmas is over. My hubby has this week off and it's been house cleaning time and I'm just plain TIRED. I look forward to getting back to 'normal'!

Happy New Year, Josi :)

Luisa Perkins said...

Thanks for the nudge! I'll get right on it.

Julie Wright said...

the whitney's rock!

Unknown said...

thank you. you made me completely laugh out loud and i still am chuckling over how you said snogging!! you are something else girl. so enjoy you, kathleen :)

Anonymous said...

I tried nominating

Unknown said...

hi josi,
i used your snogging word in a conversation the other day! too funny!

i have pictures on my bloggy today. come and see. i now know how to take pictures from my camera, email them to me, and load them on my bloggy! woo hoot! now i am self-actualized! cool.

happy Sabbath for tomorrow :)
kathleen xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Josi!
Good luck with the Whitneys--this is very cool. It motivates me. Maybe I'll get a book out that can be nominated! That would be cool!