Saturday, November 08, 2008

Complicated, complicated

Anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE complications. It just gives me the chance to shrug my shoulders and say, "Hey, it's a new adventure."


I hate complications. I hate it when things don't work. I take little satisfaction in fixing things that should not go wrong in the first place. I can't stand it when things go wrong, especially when it's my fault. With that, here is my day:

7:45--get up, eat, get kids syked for the race we're running in Tremonton today.
8:15--Wake up husband, make him eat breakfast, run around the house trying to find shoes while grumbling "Why can't you guys just put your shoes away when you take them off, then you'd know right where they are!" In my 15 years of motherhood I've said this about ninety-seven thousand times. You'd think they would figure it out!
8:45--Print of flier from internet about the race, quickly review the time and place. Herd kids to car.
9:20--Arrive in Tremonton (30 miles away) and decide RIGHT THEN (not half an hour ago) to read the details of the race. Notice it says November 10--not November 8. Shake my head and talk about how important it is to proofread. Idiots.
9:21--Pull up to the Senior Center where the race is supposed to begin only to find it surrounded by red ski netting and the whole building a pile of debris.
9:22--make husband drive to city park because of course that's where they moved the race to since the senior center is being demolished. Ignore questions on why they would put the senior center on the flier if they knew it was going to be demolished.
9:23--Go into the library to look for a notice about the race change of location. Their community bullitin board sucks and has no information.
9:25--Pull into a gasstation, buy a local paper, give have to the husband who finds out the race is on the 15th--next weekend. Look at my flier and realize it's from LAST YEAR!!
9:27--Head back toward home, trying to blame the city for keeping an old notice on their website. Explain to boy-child that he now has to go to dance practice.
9:37--Grind teeth as boy-child cries and tells us how much he hates dance.
9:40--Get boy-child to shut up by promising him a Slurpee.
9:42--Get youngest child to shut up by promising her a slurpee too.
9:50--Pull up to high school where dance rehearsal is supposed to take place.
9:52--Take boy child inside only to have him tell me that practice is at the dance studio today, they told him last week and he forgot to tell me alllll week as well as the last 15 minutes we've been discussing it in the car.
9:58--Drop still sulking boy-child off at dance studio.
10:05--Stop at 7-11 for water and potty break. We decided to go run at the high-school track rather than drive home while son goes to last hour of practice.
10:07--Wait behind an overweight family of 9 filling up on $30 worth of nachos, slurpees, donuts, pop, and hot dogs. They paid for it with food stamps. I had to scrounge up quarters to buy water bottles.
10:15--Get on track, stretch out, get ready to go only to have youngest child tell us she needs to go Pee. We JUST left 7-11. Husband and I exchange those looks that say "Why did we have children?"
10:20--I told husband to run, I'll take youngest child to a bathroom.
10:25--Sneek youngest child into high school swimming pool bathroom.
10:30--Return to track, run 1.75 miles while stewing in my own negativity.
10:50--Leave track to pick up boy child
11:00--pick up boy--I'm so ready to go home--and get reminded that we owe him a Slurpee which means we have to go BACK into Brigham City before going home.

Luckily--it got better once we got home and now I get to do yard work. Let's hope next week it goes a bit smoother.


Crystal said...

Whewh!! I'm tired just reading this, & now I need a slurpee.

Julie Wright said...

HAHAHAAAAAA! You know your terrible days would be easier to commisserate with if you'd stop making them sound so darn funny!

Marion Jensen said...

What kind of race is it? 5K? I've never actually done one yet (We did a USU 5K, only to realize it was actually only about 2.8 miles).

Grandma 'D' said...

Can you really do all that in one day. I have to say enjoy it now because one day they just all up and leave you....without warning! What a fun mom you are to do all that with your adorable little kiddos. Well not so little any more..They grow too fast. You know what they say, When life gives you lemons.............
Have a great rest of the week!

Josi said...

It was a 5K--I ran my very first 5K last week and had a really good experience so I'm doing it again---next week it seems.

Karlene said...

I just love days like that. Eventually, you just have to give in and laugh about it. :)

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

Are you sure you haven't mysteriously implanted yourself into my life?

That is an everyday occurrence for me! Welcome to my world!! lol

This was a great post! I needed a little entertainment!

Tristi Pinkston said...

I love those last minute potty breaks.

No lie. I took my daughter on errands last week and she went to the bathroom on an average of more than once an hour and spent so much time dawdling that it added up to forty-five minutes over a six-hour errand day. Yes, I was counting...

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Ditto to Julie's comment.

I'm wincing but I'm giggling too.

ali cross said...

Ok, first of all I have to say You Totally ROCK (your whole family) for being runners. That is so totally cool.

And secondly, are you sure you didn't hijack my life for the day? Sounds completely like something I would have done.

Glad you were able to recover the day!

Kara said...

Sounds just like something that would happen at our house -- including the missing shoes and the slurpee. Now being in line behind a family of 9 -- that could ONLY happen in UTAH. Ha, ha! I'm glad the day turned out OK after all!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

hee hee - last year, huh? That is just soo funny! :)

At least you got a little exercise in, right?