Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sariah S. Wilson-spotlight

I haven't yet spotlighted another author on my blog--don't know why--but there's no time like the present. I chose Sariah for several reasons:

1) Both our husbands served their missions in the Phillipines-- Salamat
2) Both our middle initials are S
3) We're both one of nine children
4) I enjoy her blog as www.sixldswriters.blogspot.com
5) She sent me an e-mail announcing her book, I don't believe I have ever recieved and announcement from someone I didn't already coorespond with. That impressed me because it shows she is gung-ho on this whole promotion thing. Most authors, especially first timers, aren't. I am BIG on telling new authors to hit the ground running and so it tickles me when they do!

Now, she and I have met (I think) but I can't remember where, so at the very least, hopefully this will help her forgive me for forgetting. If I hadn't JUST send out a notice to my mailing list I'd have included this, bummer.

Anyway, I've pasted a copy of the e-mail she sent me and encourage you guys to check out her website and use me as the referral. I love free books! But also forward it on so you can have a shot at it as well. I haven't read the story but have a lot of respect for the books Covenant puts out and I enjoy this genre. So, heeeeres, Sariah...



My first book, "Secrets in Zarahemla," will be on bookstore shelves this
week. In honor of my debut novel, I am offering several contests on my
website, www.sariahswilson.com.

I'm contacting you in hopes of spreading the word about my book and to give
you the chance to participate in one of the giveaways, the "Secrets in
Zarahemla Tell A Friend Contest." I am hoping that you will tell your
readers about this giveaway. The direct link to this contest is:


One reader can enter to win a free copy of "Secrets in Zarahemla" and a $50
gift card of their choosing. They will need to enter your name in the "who
referred them" box.

Whoever drives the most entrants to the contest will win their own $50 gift
certificate and a free copy of my book.

The contest lasts until February 28, 2007.

Thanks so much!
Sariah S. Wilson

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Heather Moore said...

I'm glad you did, Josi. I read the book before it was published and really enjoyed it! It's a great story and I love the setting...if you know what I mean.