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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Author notes take two...or three

Second day of author pages and I….blow it. Yeah me! I can’t even write freaking author pages, no wonder my mojo is off.

Actually, it’s not so bad. I’ve been editing a book for a friend of mine and I’m really enjoying it. It helps that she’s raw-raw-rawing me and seems to like my suggestions. I’ll take my positive affirmations anywhere I can find them. And I actually wrote three scenes in my own book yesterday—I know!! Amazing. I don’t know that I’ll keep them, but, well, I wrote them and I liked them and that counts…at least for now.

So today I need major brain dump

The goats got out again yesterday, dash and darn it. They are getting smarter, I should start eating their goat chow and see if it helps me too. They keep pushing down the fence…chicken wire…and slipping out, then they come and poop on my porch, almost got in the house this time. I’ve got to redo half the fencing and I DON’T WANT TO and it’s dang cold and so I better wear shoes every time I go on the porch. And a chicken is setting—brilliant. Not only is it 30 degrees but we have no rooster so there ain’t gunna be nothing happening and since she’s been setting for a week I’m out of eggs. No fair.

We’re on the 4th week of me taking the kids blankets and sheets if they don’t make their beds and I’m loosing steam. They’ve done really really good—it helps that they get fruit snacks if they do it, but I’m tired of stripping beds and I want to stop but I can’t so I won’t and I’ll just keep hating it.

Sent off two articles this morning and even though I know it will be weeks before I hear back I’ve checked my inbox…oh, twenty times waiting for a reply that says THIS IS THE BEST ARTICLE WE’VE EVER SEEN. Is that my ego or ID talking? Hmmmmm.

Chocolate chips
Piano tuning
Lip-sync competition
Believing Christ
Clean the basement
Get new car insurance for ### without her knowing about it
Post blog
Maddie so owes me

More tomorrow—maybe

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