Sunday, February 25, 2007

Author Pages 1

Anyone ever heard of Author Pages? They are a motivational un-blocking type activity I learned about in the book "The Artist's Way" By Julie Cameron. They are supposed to work like a creativity laxitive and get things moving. I'm in desperate need of such a procedure, and so I'm going to be doing Author Pages for the next week and putting them on my blog. Author pages are supposed to be a kind of free association of thoughts and such--so I can't be blamed for anything I say and I'm not checking spelling or grammar or anything (like I know how)

Author Pages--FUN! I haven't done these forever, mostly because I haven't needed to, but as a close second int he reasoning department, I don't know that I beleive in them and then of course there's the added boon of not having any time. Life is nutes, not that it iever been not-nuts, but it's nuts. The time I used to have for writing has been squeezed dry. All the story ideas I once had now seem flat and clhich. I've written 200 pages in a booik--with only 40 left that I might maybe keep. Whqat's wrong with me? I have the best publishing in this marekte, I've learned so much and hare I am writing freaking author pages because the ideas won't come--at least not the solid I'VE GOT TO WRITE THIS ideas I used to have all the time. I should be better than this. I should know how to put a story together and yet I'm st6uck. I know my character--Candice Starr and I and "feel" what I want her to be but I can't put the words togetehr. I knwo the basis of my story but I don't know the WHY. Why does it happen this way? Why do they do the things they do and why shoudl anyone read about it? I've gotten too wrapped up with wanting to teach people about the issue that I'm struggling to fit the story around it. And I'm starting to panic. I need this story to be done by June. I need it turned in by Julie--and I can make the time...if I know the story.

Boy--are you inspired? I hope someone is :-) I'm more depressed than ever. Better luck tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

it'll come together. Your stories always do. And it'll be amazing when it does. Cool idea on author pages! :)

Annette Lyon said...

Glad I'm not the only one who gets stuck. You'll pull through and have one heck of a book in the end.