Monday, July 16, 2007

Warning: Under 17 requires accompaniment of parent or adult guardian

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Yep, all this time you thought you were on the straight and narrow, you believed the iron rod was within your grasp. Oh, how wicked is this generation! Casually surfing, reading of writing tips, book reviews, and mangled chicken parts--all along believing it would not affect your eternal salvation. Well, let this be a warning to you. Blogs are not always what they seem!

I have said the word sex 7 times (eight now) and the word skank once (now twice) and those two criteria have sentenced me to such a rating as this (never mind that Julie Wright has the word damnit on her G rated blog and I would NEVER use that word here). I can smell the brimstone burning, feel the tender flames of hell fire (crap, I just said hell) licking at my heels. If only I had written about world peace and cute babies, maybe cookies, daisies, butterflies.

Want to know if you're part of the reason censorship is even a word? go here.

And for what it's worth, my website is rated G.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Mine is rated G.

For some reason, that makes me sad. =P

Karlene said...

My Inksplasher blog is only rated PG because I say death (3) and heroin (1).

But my blog about the Book of Mormon got a PG-13 because I say hell (7), pain (3), hurt (2), and bomb (1).

Okay, maybe I'm wrong, but I'd much rather my kids be exposed to hell, pain, hurt & bomb than to HEROIN!

(P.S. I'm comparing my book reading habit to heroin. Not as exciting as it seems at first glance.)

Chillygator said...

Snap. I got an "r" for saying "missionary" six times (maybe they're telling me to stop waxing nostalgic about my mission? No one wants to hear it any more.) That kind of bothers me.

I had hurt and murder as well, but those are hardly worth mentioning.

Heather Moore said...

My blog is Rated G. So boring. I guess I need to spice it up.

Anonymous said...

hi josi: this was fun. i am a "G" rated blog it turns out. good! :) thanks for stopping by my blog today. come back anytime :) kathleen