Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not everyone loves Harry Potter

A couple weeks ago my husband and I found ourselves with only one child at home. The oldest was at girl's camp, #2 and #4 were farmed out to some cousins. I thought it would be great to have an evening with just #3, and since I'd been dying to see HP5 for a second time, and #3 was dying to see if for the first time, it was a no brainer. We went to dinner first, then went to the movie. About half way through the movie--when I was enraptured--my husband leaned over to me and said "I'd rather be in a two and half hour sacrament meeting than here"

Then the other night we were watching TV and Larry King was interviewing one of the Spice Girls who just had Eddie Murphy's baby, before marrying someone else, oh and Eddie's married too I guess. Anyway, I commented how there had been a lot about the Spice Girls lately, specifically how Posh Spice was making the news as some soccer guy's wife.

"Some Soccer guy?" my husband said in abject disappointment. "Some Soccer guy? You mean Beckham, who is probably the most famous athlete in the entire world?"

"Hey, " I said in defense. "I don't follow soccer any more than you follow books. You probably don't even know who JK Rowling is."

"Sure I do, she's the lady that wrote about that stupid magic kid with the lame glasses."

I don't know how it happened, really. How is it that I've neglected his cognitive development to the point that he can call Harry Potter the stupid magic kid with the lame glasses. Somewhere along the way, despite my great love for this man, I have failed him. Woe is me.


An Ordinary Mom said...

I am quite familiar with Potter, but not Beckham. Seriously.

Janette Rallison said...

It could always be worse--my husband just finished the last Harry Potter book before he's read my last book. Hmph!

Unknown said...

Oh, I commiserate, Josi. I suffer with a husband who doesn't like to read books. Oh, he's brilliant. Anything about football, he'll read. Anything that has a cover . . . oh, hell no (to quote that man I love so much.) He says, "Why do I have to read anything when you can tell me everything about it." Where have "I" gone wrong?

However, I do know who Beckham is . . . and my husband has only read two of my books -- he's never touched Forged in the Refiner's Fire.

Shanna Blythe said...

LOL. My niece who now loves Harry Potter once upon a time said, "I know a good story for Harry. A dragon eats him!". I can't remember how old she was at the time (definitely pre-reading days), but it was cute!

I know who Beckham is, but only because of a couple movies I've watched.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Oh, you made me laugh! When Neil and I first were married, he only read for school. Never read for pleasure. There was so much I wanted to share with him.

To this day, I bless the makers of The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. He couldn't wait for number two, and has been hooked on reading fantasy/sci-fi series every since.

My sympathies!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I feel for you. I truly do. I think books like Harry Potter are loved by those with great imagination. I always wanted to have magical abilities and so this book calls to me!

There is nothing I like better than getting lost in a good book!

ali cross said...

ROFL!!! That was very funny. You've failed him, indeed.

However, in his defense I can say, I'm not the biggest fan of HP myself. Not because I can't stand to read them, but because HP kind of bugs me. The guy, that is. I'm tired and a little put off by all the 'kid has no parents, is mistreated by relatives but is saved by his magical abilities' thing. I know kids dig it, but it bores me.

I am finally reading them, mainly because I feel like I've missed out on some huge social event - I gotta be able to talk HP at the water cooler, man! But it feels more like research to me, rather than just pure fun and enjoyment.

Rebecca Talley said...

I'd share your husband's comment with my daughter, but she's such an HP fanatic she might look him up and give him a piece of her mind for dissing her "man."

Very funny post!

Josi said...

Rebecca, I hesitated in posting for that very reason--what kind of mob might come for him? but he'd earned it, one day I'll post about what it did. It will be a very good 'josi's a moron' post.

Belladonna said...

I think that's why many people blog...their spouse/family may be treasured beyond measure but not share similar interests or passions. We all seek to find someone to converse with who "gets us" at a meaningful level in the areas that matter to us.

I don't do crafts and don't give a rip about most homemaking /decorating topics. But I totally understand why those who are enthralled by scrapbooking or stamping or whatever would want to share their enthusiasm with like minded others.

Reading and writing (in my opinion) are both powerfully enhanced by sharing various perspectives with someone else.

I'm with your husband in having no love lost on Potter. I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about... The whole HP craze seems to me to be very similar to when every little girl wanted a Cabbage Patch doll simply because they were popular, no matter how ugly.

But then, I am a lover of all things Middle Earth which I know not everyone cares for.

Our differences are what keep things interesting, but it CAN be pretty frustrating when those closest to us haven't a clue about something we feel passionate about.