Monday, November 10, 2008

Josi's Favorites

So, Oprah does her favorite things show every year. Quite frankly it makes me nuts. I want all of it and feel so ripped off that I don't get a magical $5,000 in my bank account to make it so. Now Dr. Phil does it do. Just makes me crazy, but then I figured I'd just copy them and do my own favorite things that you can all salivate over and want it for themselves. Prepare yourself, people, cause life just ain't gunna be the same:

Top Seven Favorite things for Today (It might change tomorrow)

1) Hard Lamination. Now this isn't that wimpy super-flexible-can-still-be-bent lamination--oh now--this is the hard core lamination. This is Thick plastic--like credit card plastic--that protects your valuable words or pictures with superman-type-strength. You can get this at Kinko's or other copy places, it runs about $1.25 for an 8x10 and comes in set sizes from name badge to 11x14. Works great as a white board so is fabulous for chore charts and budget sheets.

See, you're drooling already.

2) Hamburger. I'm not talking Hamburgers, like the meat between sandwiches, I'm talking the pound by pound ground beef. Oh, the versatility of this food stuff! Tacos, BBQ's, stroganoff, sloppy Joe's, Shepard's pie, hamburger soup, gravy, and about a million kinds of casserole. Whoever came up with ground beef is a freaking genius. We bought a cow once--dead and butchered already--and the steaks and roasts and things sat there for months and months while the hamburger was quickly enjoyed. Oh yes, I do love hamburger--especially since it doesn't taste anything like chicken.

3) Red Pens. Red is a power color, it draws powerful energy to you and although it might wash you out when it's in shirt form--it is welded power when it's contained in a pen. I use red pens for editing, of course, but also for notes, calendars, to do lists, grocery lists, and drawing hearts on my kid's arms. It is vibrant and bright and hard to ignore, those red pens of mine, and I keep several on hand at all times. Felt tip is best.

4) Blogs without music. Now I realize some of you reading this are saying "What? my blog has music! Does Josi hate me?" Of course Josi doesn't hate you, but she hates your music and this is why. When Josi reads blogs she sits down and opens about 8 at once, then goes through them, reads, comments, etc. It's not THAT bad when only one of the eight has music, but it's usually three which my computer plays simultaneously. So I've got Celine Dion, Dixie Chicks, and Sting all trying to sing in unison--it does not work. And it aggravates me. Anything that aggravates me is not my favorite. I will still go to your blogs, and I will still love you, but I will pray that you will be enlightened and get rid of the music. If your blog does not have music, I is a happy girl!

5) Bio-35. This is a vitamin that, when taken regularly, makes me almost feel normal rather than an emotionally driven female that can not focus or think of ten happy thoughts. It's full of Vitamin B and does make your pee bright yellow, but that is forgiven because it allows me to smile. Smiling is good. Blog music is bad. You can find Bio-35 at Wal-mart and sometimes Smith's. I need to get some for my food storage because everyone will want to eat me first if I don't have my Bio-35 when we're all living on cream base and peanut butter.

6) Thick pillows. I've tried expensive ones, latex ones, and the cheap ones from the store--the cheap ones aren't any worse than the expensive ones. But I like a firm pillow that holds my head up. Now my sister--I won't name names but it starts with a C has an rysta in the middle and ends with an L (not to be confused with my sis-in-law who has the same name) has had the same pillow for about 20 years. The thing is an inch thick. I don't know how she sleeps on it or why. I need new pillows about every 4 months because they squish. And I am not happy with squished pillows.

7) Thrift Stores. No matter how much money I have to spent, I will go to a thrift store first. I love em! And I'm good at Thrift stores. You can't go in a hurry, and you can't go looking for something in particular, and you have to try on about 25 things to find one you like, but hey, you could end up with a pair of lucky jeans for $4 or a Billibong shirt for $2. It's a very good thing. We went to San Diego and I dragged my family to a thrift store. I found the cutest shirt and some jammies for my daughter. It was a good day.

And last but not least . . .

7) Rain. I absolutely love rain. I could never live in Arizona because it does not rain enough. I think I would do great in Seattle. Rain just makes me happy, and if I can't get real rain, a CD will do. We have a big metal barn and one of my favorite things to do is is go in it when it rains and the acoustics are overwhelming. Ahhhhh, just thinking of it makes me happy. One day I'm going to get aluminum awnings on my bedroom windows so I can hear every little plink. And the best part about rain is that it's free! Free is good.

So there you have it, my attempt to make you all feel small and covetous. Bwahhahahahahaha. However, you can have all things I've mentioned here for around $50--including the Lucky jeans and billibong shirt and Rain CD. Not bad, huh. Who needs Oprah?


Marion Jensen said...

I throw out an Amen to the musical blogs. They interrupt They Might Be Giants, and that's not good.

But I have to throw out a cry of heresy regarding your opinion on rain. I like my skys sunny. But since you already had 7 items before you brought up rain, the rain one didn't really count, right? :)

Stephanie Humphreys said...

Your list is so much better than Oprah's. I can afford everything on it. Which reminds me, I need to go get some hamburger out of the freezer for dinner.

Josi said...

Curses!! Where is my red pen when I need it! I had seven, then remembered my love of thrift shops and meant to go back, but obviously I didn't. A pox upon me and my supposed editing skills!

Annette Lyon said...

I'm with you on several of these--including blogs w/out music and thrift stores.

I've a pretty icky day, so thanks for making me smile!

Melanie Jacobson said...

I can hang with you on the rain and the blog music. I definitely beg to differ on the pillows. The flatter the better for me. Hotels are a nightmare for me for that reason. Too fluffy!

Crystal said...

whoa-hamburger? What is this thing you call hamburger? It sounds so versitile so......wondrus......

every 4 months? You got issues girl & FYI I got NEW pillows last year & threw the beloved "20 year" (slight exaggeration there) pillow away--so there!

you are the second to complain of music on blogs I may have to take mine away :(

Karlene said...

I'm with you on the red pens and musical blogs.

And Crystal, you don't have to toss out your music. Just set it to be off and then those who want to hear it can turn it on.

Tamra Norton said...

So Josi--I may just have to try this vitamin concoction you long as it doesn't put me on the first-to-eat list with you.

RobisonWells said...

HOLY CRAP, YES. Get rid of music on blogs. There are many blogs that I simply don't read because I hate having the music blare at me.

However, I like my pillows flat and hard. If a brick had rounded edges, I'd sleep on that.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Gotta agree on the automtatic music playing blogs thing more than all the others. Gah!

I have mine in a seperate tab and you have to clicky-clicky to play it. Much better.