Saturday, January 10, 2009

Leaving, on a Jet Plane

So, my husband is on his way to Costa Rica on business today. We had tried to figure out how I could go so that we could find a hammock somewhere and have an entire conversation, but with $600/airline ticket and four kids, we had to give up the dream. His flight left at 8:00 and we live an hour from the airport, so last night I set the alarm for 5:05, giving him 40 minutes to get ready and then he'd arrive within an hour and a half of his flight. It's all good, right?

Well, it only works if you turn the alarm ON.

At 6:30 I wake up and I slug Lee in the shoulder. "It's 6:30!" I say as I scramble out of bed and then just stand there. How am I supposed to help him?

"It is not," he says, jumping out of bed, looking at the clock. "Crap, it's 6:30!"

He runs into the bathroom to stick his head under the tap and throw on the clothes he'd set out. I stand in the middle of the room for a minute, then go into the kitchen, then come back into the bedroom and then inspect the alarm clock. "I didn't turn it on," I say, finally awake enough to figure it out.

Proof that I married an amazing man="It's okay," he says after rinsing with some mouth wash cause he doesn't have time to brush his teeth. You have to understand that my husband is a little obsessive about his morning routine--he always showers, even if he's going to do yard work and knows he'll shower when he finishes, and he always brushes his teeth for a full 2 minutes (which is why he's had 2 cavities in his life--I've had dozens). If he'd done this to me I'd be totally ticked and making snide comments that could sound like I wasn't mad, but really left little room for any doubt.

He double checks his bags and puts on his shoes while I go back to standing in the middle of the room. I did pick up his lap top bag and hold it for him. He finishes up, kisses me, takes the laptop and disappears into the morning.

At 8:09 I receive this e-mail from his blackberry

I think i made it to the parking lot in about 45 minutes(i was flying and no traffic.) Bus was fast at parknjet. Check in was fast but they said we board in 2 minutes! I ran to security and the line was huge! I finally got through that and got to the gate just as my group was called. Thanks for your help. I will chat with u later...miss u already

Did I totally luck out in the husband department, or what?

All this reminded me of an essay contest I entered last year--it's very fitting right about now. And Even though I've gotten used to Lee being out of town, and he's going to be back on Tuesday, for some reason it's different when he's going that far away. So, although some of you read this when I won the contest, I'm gunna post it again because I miss my sweetie.

My Ideal Day
By Josi S. Kilpack

Seawater clings to my skin and the tropical flora seem intent to convince me nothing in the world exists but this—right here, right now. Somewhere up the beach fish is grilling while beans boil in a covered pot. Mangos are in season and their ripening scent competes with that of the flowers all around me.

Can you smell it?

The call of a thousand sea birds fills the sky and my hammock creaks amid it’s swaying. The Ocean breeze creates a whispered symphony as it travels through the palm leaves above, behind, beside me. His footsteps approach while the waves crash and crash and crash upon the shore. They keep rhythm with my breathing until he whispers in my ear and breath deserts me entirely.

Can you hear it?

The air is thick and salty, each wave sending a tribute of itself toward the heavens when it breaks upon the beach. The sand is soft and supple on my feet and the world is moving back and forth as the hammock sways. Back and forth, back and forth. His hand lingers on my cheek, my neck, my shoulder and we try and see if it's a hammock built for two.

Can you feel it?

Sky as big as it’s ever been, the flat and flawless countenance broken only by the constant motion of the sea. His eyes are as blue as the ocean surrounding us and the grasses and ferns are so green it's as if the color was invented just for them. The sun is made brighter by the reflection of whitened sand as his footprints are sucked back into the sea with every wave that rolls upon the beach.

Can you see it?

I am late for nothing and no one depends on me to be fed, or cleaned, or delivered. I have no deadlines, no appointments, no bills to pay, or calls to make. There are no excuses to fill my mind. There is no distraction from our course. And he is here too, as free as me. We have nothing to do but find us again; the us that sometimes gets lost in the laundry and board meetings, the carpools and lawn mowing.

With a little luck, the journey back to us will take all day.

And in case you haven't had enough of me today--I was a featured Molly on Modern Molly Mormon today :-)


Crystal said...

oh you are good-you had me laughing during the first part and crying through your essay--I want some time like that!!!

Annette Lyon said...

I liked that essay the first time too. :)

You married a keeper for sure.

Melanie Jacobson said...

Oh, such lovely imagery!

And yes, that's a pretty great husband.

Julie Wright said...

I would have made snide evil comments too. this is why we are good friends. You've got a keeper!!!

hi, it's me! melissa c said...

I LOVED this. How beautiful. How poetic. You painted a picture that I could totally see.

Wish I could get my man to want to vacation someplace with an ocean other than Alaska! I don't think the hammock and swim suit would work well there! lol

Tristi Pinkston said...

What an awesome husband you have!

alisha said...

Well, we are glad Lee made it to Dallas on time so we could see him for a bit. Super impressed with his good attitude about it all.

I'll take that ideal day, too - it sounds heavenly. I felt like I could have been there - only with Mike of coarse. I know three's company in that fantasy. Lol!

ali cross said...

Josi, thank you for sharing that today. It's good for us to remember our treasures, and especially to remember how to treasure our treasures.

God Speed to your husband!

Luisa Perkins said...

Yup, he's a keeper.

LOVE the essay!

Lara Neves said...

You did indeed luck out in the husband department, no question!

I'm glad he made his flight okay. Once, my husband and I were supposed to catch a flight to Hawaii that left at 7:30 am. We also lived about an hour from our airport and planned to get up around 4:00 so that we could be there on time.

The alarm didn't go off, but around 4:30 our phone rang...wrong number! How lucky (and blessed) is that?

Beautiful essay, too.

Momo Fali said...

That man is a saint! I laughed out loud at him texting, "Thanks for your help." Classic!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I loved your story! It's fantastic. Made me wish for a vacation just me & John.